Mystery Of The Milwaukee Film Festival Program Guide

Think Alfred Hitchcock meets Cindy Sherman.

Film is a visual medium.

And so is the 2015 Milwaukee Film Festival’s program guide to be released Saturday at Cathedral Square Park.

Poster_8.5x11_FINALThe black and white film noir-type guide cover, also the festival’s poster, was designed by Cathy Brautigam of Lone Shoe Graphics.

She also designed the festival’s cover and poster art in 2011 and 2012 and worked on the 2013 ad 2014 covers.

It’s a series of ten photos from around Riverwest and the Third Ward, shot by Mark Brautigam – Cathy’s brother – that tell a story in which you fill in the blanks.

“It’s a thriller,” said festival artistic and executive director Jonathan Jackson. “When you look at it, you can see it coming together.”

The previous covers by Brautigam, 39, were sketches – of the Oriental Theater and a Milwaukee skyline mashup – which she scanned into a computer and drew over. With the new cover she and her brother were going for a hybrid of Alfred Hitchcock and photographer Cindy Sherman.

“I wanted to do a black and white photo campaign for several years now so when I talked to Milwaukee Film they were super supportive of my vision,” Brautigam said.

The idea was to “capture the essence of Milwaukee using local models and the city itself to tell a story.”

The ten photos include the city skyline, a face in a car mirror, the Allen Bradley clock, a suitcase full of money ($100 bills atop play money from Toys-r-Us), and use “friends, colleagues and some of my neighbors” as models.

Brautigam has a teaching degree from UW-Milwaukee, but when she couldn’t find a job teaching art, she returned to school to study graphic design. She has worked on campaigns for the East Side Library and WMSE.

And she helped imagineer the film festival’s color coded program guide and, with freelance copywriter Jay Sanders, the festival’s slogan, “See What You’d Miss.”

“Its kind of a play on words. Seeing films you wouldn’t normally see here which is what makes the festival so awesome and inviting patrons to see things in the city they wouldn’t ordinarily see.”

The title of her company Lone Shoe is a similar play on words.

“Wherever I go in the city I see a shoe, and its always one shoe. How do you lose a shoe? I can see losing a mitten. But a shoe,” said Brautigam. “You’ve got to work hard to lose one shoe.”



Duane Dudek is a Milwaukee native. For more than 30 years, he was film critic and television columnist at the Milwaukee Sentinel and Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. He continues to apply his expertise at