My Flippin' Friends cast

Milwaukee is the Star of New HGTV House-Flipping Pilot

A new HGTV show features 5 friends flipping Milwaukee-area houses.

House-flipping and renovation shows are a dime-a-dozen on HGTV, but local designer Jenni Radosevich is not just flipping houses—she’s flipping the format. The trailer for Radosevich’s new HGTV pilot, My Flippin’ Friends, (which airs Sunday, April 2), opens with a pan across the Milwaukee skyline, settling on a group of five Milwaukee friends as they negotiate house offers, demolish old drop ceilings and high-five each other. It’s like they took everything we love about home renovation and mixed it with your favorite slice-of-life/roommate sitcom. They even spill wine on their floor plans.


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My Flippin' Friends cast
Photo courtesy of Jenni Radosevich

Radosevich and her friends, all southeastern Wisconsin locals, saw an opportunity to contribute to their community and seized it, creating a television show that highlights their house-rehab projects throughout the city of Milwaukee.

“Milwaukee is having such a resurgence right now,” Radosevich said. “So many people want to move back into the city, and so many houses need help, so I teamed up with my friends to start flipping. We are all from the area and love that we get to shine a spotlight on our city. We work with a lot of local makers and small businesses on the show and are excited to show everyone how hip this city is!”

Radosevich has her share of media and TV experience. Through I SPY DIY, the website she founded eight years ago, Radosevich has had the opportunity to film segments for Good Morning America, The Martha Stewart Show and The Rachael Ray Show. Fans of I Spy DIY’s signature style can expect to see Radosevich’s distinctive brand of design shine through in each My Flippin’ Friends renovation.

Jenni Radosevich of My Flippin' Friends
Photo courtesy of Jenni Radosevich

Each of the show’s five “characters” brings discrete skills to the table that make the flipping process—and the show—come together. Radosevich’s high school friend Mike is the real estate broker who helps the team by selecting properties to choose from. Benji, an old friend, and Mallory, Radosevich’s real-life neighbor, serve as designers alongside Radosevich. And Alan is the project manager, using renovation-specific experience he gained in Milwaukee.

My Flippin’ Friends has a uniquely Milwaukee vibe. You’ll see recognizable Milwaukee architectural elements—we predict lots of cameos from the ubiquitous Milwaukee Bungalow—as Radosevich and her crew use their design and refurbishment skills to flip those that have fallen into disrepair.

This isn’t the first time Milwaukee has been the star of a house rehab show. DIY Network ran a single season of Made In Milwaukee in 2013, a show that focused on designing and building commercial properties as well as rooms and residences. Made in Milwaukee was not renewed for a second season, but Flux Design, the show’s focus, is still active in the Milwaukee area.

Locals can watch the team’s first attempt—saving an old Colonial from bugs, rot and rodent damage, and turning it in to a stylish home—this Sunday, April 2 at 11 a.m CST on HGTV. The future of the show hangs in the balance as the network waits to see how Sunday’s pilot performs.