Morning Links for Wednesday, September 7

Cubs fans flock north for cheap seats, Labor Day brings unprecedented drug deaths, UW told to bring conservatives to campus and Waukesha County can’t back The Donald.

Miller Park has become Wrigley North, even more than usual, as Cubs’ fans flock to Milwaukee for the readily available tickets to see a historic season.

At least 12 deaths by drug overdose mark Labor Day weekend as the deadliest by that measure in Milwaukee County history. In other not-uplifting news, Milwaukee saw its deadliest month for homicides in 25 years in August.

Heading into another contentious state budget process, UW System is implored to bring more conservative speakers to campus by Assembly Speaker Robin Vos.

Republican voters in deep-red Waukesha County can’t find a presidential candidate they like, saying that Republican standard-bearer Donald Trump induces nausea.



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