Presidential debate, Packers victory and big brewery merger

Good morning, channel-changers. After a night of switching between the contact sports of football and politics, here’s what we’re reading this morning.

Real-estate mogul Donald Trump was defiant in Sunday night’s presidential debate, trading charges with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton despite the release of a tawdry 11-year-old video of him Friday – and even threatening to have her prosecuted if he’s elected.

Meanwhile, the Green Bay Packers handled another big city outfit, defeating the New York Giants, 23-16.

Today is the day the merger of the world’s two biggest brewers – Anheuser-Bush InBev and SABMIller (the owner of MillerCoors) – becomes official. The deal goes down in London.

The Journal Sentinel published the first installment of a big project on the effects of Act 10, five years after it was enacted.

Production of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 smartphone has been temporarily suspended amid reports of the devices bursting into flames, CNN reports.

And we hate to talk about a Chicago team, but it’s going to be mighty interesting to see the Cubs’ Jake Arrieta facing the Giants’ Madison Bumgarner in the third game of a National League divisional series tonight – or listen to them, if we don’t get the MLB network.