Lil' Wayne, yelling Democrats, Sheriff Clarke on the FBI, and more.

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  • More than 70,000 people have already donated over $3 million to the victims of the shooting at Pulse night club in Orlando, Fla. Last night hundreds of Milwaukeeans gathered for a vigil in front of City Hall to mourn the 49 victims.
  • Sheriff David Clarke has some strong opinions on the FBI: Instead of its current structure, the federal agency should be designed like domestic intelligence agencies in Great Britain and Israel.
  • House Democrats began shouting after Speaker Paul Ryan held a moment of silence for the Orlando shooting victims. The Democrats were shouting for gun control legislation.
  • Rapper Lil Wayne suffered two seizures while his jet was in route to California after playing a show at the UWM Panther Arena on Sunday.
  • DealBook has more details on Microsoft’s whopping $26.6 billion purchase of LinkedIn.