Morning Links for Feb. 25, 2015

Employment growth, drone sightings, and a controversial right-to-work bill.

Morning Links to go with your morning coffee.

  • A new study shows Milwaukee ranks ninth, out of 41 cities, in urban-area employment growth, reports the JS.
  • Eddie Ray Routh was found guilty for the murder of Chris Kyle, inspiration of movie “American Sniper.” Routh has been sentenced to life in prison, reports The New York Times.
  • Five drone sightings have been confirmed in Paris. Although they aren’t seen as a present threat, the government is seeking ways to counteract the devices, reports USA Today.
  • Choose carefully in the dog food aisle. A lawsuit has been filed against Purina, claiming kibble brand, Beneful, is poisoning dogs. This suit follows nearly 3,000 similar complaints, reports NBC News.
  • After an evening of protests at the State Capitol, the Wisconsin Senate is set to consider a right-to-work bill Wednesday, Feb. 25 afternoon, reports USA Today.



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