The Republican forum, a new grocery store with healthy options, and an aspiring hockey player.

The news you might be able to use:

  • The claims of a former Walker aide who was implicated in the John Doe investigation have been rebutted by a release of the audio recording that was taken while officials were raiding her home, reports the JS’s Dan Bice.
  • A new deli and grocery store touting fresh and healthy food may be coming to to Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, reports the Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service.
  • The Gray Lady has quite the recap of last night’s Republican forum, which featured our Governor, and is sort of like a dry-run for Thursday’s highly anticipated debate.


  • The Shepherd Express profiles Wisconsinite Ashley Birdsall, a very determined hockey player.
  • An F. Scott Fitzgerald short story, which many believed had been long lost, has been found.