Budding Maturity

Milwaukee’s Dasha Kelly returns to the page with her novel ‘Almost Crimson.’

Milwaukee’s Dasha Kelly – among many other things, a poet and former Pfister Hotel narrator – returns to the page with her novel Almost Crimson (Curbside Splendor). A mother’s depression and father’s absence leave protagonist CeCe alone to navigate a world filled with school bullies, sexual abuse, racial prejudice and embarrassing wrong-side-of-town remarks. Good thing that CeCe meets many kind folks along the way. Although Kelly infuses such characters with warmth, this coming-of-age tale would have benefited from fewer, more developed ones. I also wished more storylines spanned several chapters rather than vanishing almost as swiftly as they begin. Still, there’s lots of promise here. I hope her next novel proves half as engaging as this one.

‘Budding Maturity’ appears in the August 2015 issue of Milwaukee Magazine.
The August 2015 issue is on newsstands August 3.

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