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15 Milwaukee Podcasts to Feast Your Ears On

Forget AM or FM; podcasts are quickly becoming America’s favorite audio medium. Whether that’s because of their accessibility or their variety is in the ear of the beholder, but Milwaukeeans have jumped on the trend.

Milwaukee podcasts are a buffet that offers something for everyone. Whether you’re an avid Brewers fan, Pokémon fanatic, film lover or simply a Milwaukee enthusiast, you’re sure to enjoy these excellent Milwaukee podcasts.               

The Disclaimer

What? Three seasoned Milwaukee culture critics discuss everything Milwaukee on this podcast-adaptation of their weekly WISN radio show. Come for their insightful commentary on Milwaukee culture, art and music, and stay for their humor and occasional lawn-care tips.

Where? Find episodes on SoundCloud and iTunes.

When? Every Wednesday

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What? For people who don’t believe in the existence of ancient spiritual beings, mythicists Jacob Woelfel and Brian Edward sure can talk about spirituality. Each episode features an insightful, open-minded interview with subjects from varying perspectives, such as prominent science writer Dr. Michael Shermer and comedian Hannibal Buress.

Where? Find episodes on their website and iTunes.

When? Generally every week

The Friday Fish Fry Podcast

What? Feast on this scrumptious take on various Milwaukee and Wisconsin staples, from the State Fair to New Glarus. The hosts also interview prominent Wisconsin natives, like Eric Wielochowski, now on the production staff of Conan, and Guy Rehorst, founder of the Great Lakes Distillery.

Where? Find episodes on SoundCloud and their website.

When? Every Friday

Yeah, Bro!

What? Gay comedian Jacob Bach interviews straight guests about issues pertinent to the LGBT community in this hilarious podcast. No issue is spared – Bach has covered everything from the Westboro Baptist Church to gay bars.

Where? Find episodes on SoundCloud.

When? Every Monday

Bubbler Talk

What? If you have questions about Milwaukee, this podcast has answers. Whether you’re wondering about the absence of Milwaukee’s yeast smell or the Tripoli Shrine, they’ve got you covered.

Where? Find episodes on the NPR website and iTunes.

When? Every week


It’s Super Effective logo
Image courtesy of It’s Super Effective

It’s Super Effective

What? Poke-nerds, rejoice! Lauded as the #1 most downloaded Pokémon podcast on the web, this Milwaukee-based podcast discusses Pokémon Go, Anime, battling, video games and more.

Where? Find episodes on their website, iTunes, and SoundCloud.

When? Generally every Monday

The Phi Effect Podcast

What? Film buffs, this podcast is for you. Named after the “Phi” Phenomenon describing how still-images convey motion, this Milwaukee-based podcast reviews every type of movie, from La La Land to Nocturnal Animals.

Where? Find episodes on their website.

When? Generally every week

The GoGedders with Richie Burke

What? Digital marketing expert Richie Burke interviews Milwaukee leaders and entrepreneurs, such as Ken Leinbach, executive director of the Urban Ecology Center, Christian Vega, owner of Screaming Tuna, and Crystal Schreiner, Forbes-certified Instagram guru.

Where? Find episodes on the GoGeddit website and iTunes.

When? Every two weeks

Milwaukee Brewers Podcasts

What? Milwaukee’s favorite baseball team has not one, but two podcasts. “Brewers On Tap” will keep you up-to-date on all things Brewers, whereas “ Extras” gives an inside look at how upcoming changes in baseball will affect the team.

Where? Find episodes for both podcasts together on their website and iTunes.

When? Generally every week

Milwaukee Stories Podcast

What? This podcast offers intimate interviews with Milwaukeeans making a difference in their communities. Notable interview subjects include Reggie Jackson, Head Griot of America’s Black Holocaust Museum, and Katherine Wilson, executive director of the Frank Zeidler Center for Public Discussion.

Where? Find episodes on their website and SoundCloud.

When? Monthly

Stone Creek Coffee Podcast
Image courtesy of Stone Creek Coffee

Stone Creek Coffee

What? Hosted by two Stone Creek Coffee connoisseurs, this podcast is for your inner coffee geek. The hosts discuss the economics of buying coffee beans, the infamous Pumpkin Spice Latté, tips for newbie baristas and much more.

Where? Find episodes on their website and iTunes.

When? Every two weeks

Packers Podcast with McGinn and Cohen

What? Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Packers reporters Bob McGinn and Michael Cohen discuss players, wins, losses and football politics in this weekly podcast.

Where? Find episodes on iTunes.

When? Every week

Tarot Bytes with Theresa Reed the Tarot Lady

What? First time Tarot card readers, you’ve come to the right place. Every episode of this podcast will introduce you to a new card, hosted by Tarot guru Theresa Reed.

Where? Find episodes on her website and iTunes.

When? Every Sunday

Illuminating Intellect

What? Illuminating Intellect probes the hearts and minds of prominent Marquette University professors and faculty members. Interviewees include political blogger Dr. Julia Azari, pop-culture philosopher Dr. James South and many more.

Where? Find episodes on Marquette University’s website, SoundCloud and iTunes.

When? Every month

Precious Lives

What? The Precious Lives podcast was a two-year project featuring interviews and stories about young people and gun violence. Though it wrapped in December, Precious Lives’ illuminating interviews with many previously-unknown locals is still a must-listen.

Where? Find episodes on their website and SoundCloud.

When? It has already finished recording, but it’s still worth a listen!



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