Milwaukee is Hosting an Olympic-Qualifying Gymnastics Cup This Weekend. And Hopefully Not Coronavirus.

The twists, vaults and flips at Fiserv Forum this weekend come with a side of international intrigue.

Good news and bad news.

Good: Milwaukee is hosting the American Cup gymnastics meet this weekend at Fiserv forum. The meet is a major international competition and a qualifying event for the upcoming Summer Olympics in Tokyo. It has never been held here in Milwaukee, and it’s going to bring two dozen of the sport’s best up-and-coming athletes to the 414, including American standouts Sam Mikulak and Morgan Hurd. Very exciting.

Bad: Coronavirus. The Russian athletes have decided they will not attend due to fears over the virus spreading. The team would have to stop at two airports on the way here, and the head coach says the team cannot afford to have a member quarantined.

USA Today reported that Andrei Rodionenko, the Russian head coach, said, “If even one person will be suspected [of carrying coronavirus], all the passengers will be quarantined, and that’s two weeks minimum.” Added Valentina Rodionenko, a senior national team coach: “Imagine what it means for a gymnast to be quarantined for two weeks, while the European Championships are around the corner.”

If you have more fortitude than the Russians and would like to see some world-class gymnasts practicing their sport, tickets are still available on the Fiserv Forum website. The first event, on Friday, starts at 7 p.m., and they will continue through Saturday.



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