Milwaukee Could be Home to the Next Hit TV Show Thanks to John Ridley

We love seeing Milwaukee talent and Milwaukee the city featured on TV!

The Milwaukee native behind the Academy Award-winning script of 12 Years a Slave and local arts hub Nō Studios is bringing what could be a hit TV series to Milwaukee. John Ridley is teaming up with Alicia Keys and the crew behind La La Land to create a musical drama series for Showtime.

Now we say it could be a hit, but this pool of talents combined with our amazing city is sure to be a slam dunk. 

The show doesn’t have a name, yet, but here’s why you need to watch it: The show will be written by a Milwaukee native (Ridley), directed by a Milwaukee native (Ridley), executive produced by a Milwaukee native (Ridley) and take place in Milwaukee. 

Ridley was not the first writer on the project. Kyle Jarrow originally set the series in modern-day and 1959 Detroit. Ridley re-set the series to take place in his hometown instead. 

In an interview with Deadline, Ridley said he is “especially grateful for the opportunity to set the series in Milwaukee, and examine the challenges and triumphs of my hometown; a city to which I remain deeply connected.”

So far there is not a lot of information about the show, only that the plot will center around an emotionally complex family story that spans generations and threatens the fabric of the community in present-day Milwaukee. 



Allison Garcia is the Digital Editor for Milwaukee Magazine.