Milwaukee Artist You Should Know: Dramatic Lovers

An interview with Dramatic Lovers

BJ Seidel, front man of Dramatic Lovers (and owner of Goodkind and Burnhearts), has performed under different monikers in Milwaukee for decades. Our partners at Radio Milwaukee checked in with him to chat about his band’s new album, You Talk Loud. You can find an excerpt of the interview here and the full transcript at

How do you keep your approach fresh after doing this for so long?

Dan Didier, who plays keyboards, is well-versed in engineering, so he gets the sounds. We thought it would be fun to take our songs in a new direction, so we had our friend Jason Todd come in and produce it from demos all the way to the final product. He’s really good at making me think differently than I would on my own, or giving me advice I wouldn’t get otherwise.

[alert type=white ]Dramatic Lovers take their name from a group of early 1900s anarchists who lived in Bay View – the neighborhood the band members now call home. [/alert]

Tell me about that practice space. It sounds like a community of its own.

Justin Klug, who plays guitar, found a space where [the band] Maritime practices. It’s a fun, creative space. I think we all have plenty of respect for each other as musicians, and we feel safe keeping our gear up there. We’re all in a stage in our lives where we’re not rehearsing five days a week, so we have plenty of time to get up there when we want to and make some noise.

This story is from our partner 88Nine Radio Milwaukee.

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