Where to Get: Blue Moon Ice Cream

Here are five spots to get this signature Wisconsin ice cream flavor.

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Bizarre and inexplicable mysteries abound across this world: Who was DB Cooper? What’s going on in the Bermuda Triangle? Why do my feet smell like that? And most important of all—what is Blue Moon Ice Cream and where did it come from?

You probably know Blue Moon by the color — a blue brighter than Oscar Isaac’s acting career. It looks like a cloudless sky and tastes like tropical fruity candy freedom juice. No one can quite agree what the flavor actually is, but most people agree that it is delightful, and you can only find it around here.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the mysterious origins of this ice cream can be traced back to Bill “Doc” Sidon, a “chief flavor chemist” working in Milwaukee the 1950s. The theory goes that Doc combined multiple fruit flavors to create a unique product and then, being a modest man, avoided the public credit that would come with inventing a beloved local flavor. Since then, the flavor has spread across the Upper Midwest, but stopped at the borders of Michigan. Doc’s local treat is still only available in select stores locally.

Then again, this might not be the true origin, since some reports of Blue Moon Ice Cream date back to the 1930s, way before Doc was working on it. So in the words of Iris DeMent, “Let the mystery be” and enjoy Blue Moon at these fine Milwaukee establishments.

1) Babes Ice Cream

This family-owned ice cream parlor serves up that classic fruity Blue Moon year round. In their words, “as long as people are coming in we will stay open,” so depending on the day, this might just be your spot for that late-night cone of pure Blue.

2264 S. Kinnickinnic Ave.; (414)482-4000

2) Purple Door Ice Cream

With multiple locations, including Mequon’s Public Market and the newly-opened Sherman Phoenix, Purple Door Ice Cream brings a new Purple energy to the Blue Moon flavor. They just revealed their take on the classic flavor, which they are calling Purple Moon — now available in pints.

205 S. 2nd St.; (414)988-2521

3) Yo Factory

Want to switch it up a little and try some frozen yogurt Blue Moon? The Yo Factory is the place to go. They offer vegan frozen yogurt Blue Moon made with coconut milk and no fat. This’ll satisfy that burning desire for Blue Moon without the inevitable health-related regrets.

2203 N. Farewell Ave.; (414)988-4562

4) Cedar Crest Ice Cream

Maybe you want nothing more than to pick up a hefty carton of Blue Moon to bring home for the family (or just for yourself sitting alone in front of the television). Cedar Crest has you covered. You can get Cedar Crest at a couple of ice cream parlors, like RJ’s or Kehr’s Candies in the Public Market, but they also sell their Blue Moon flavor in grocery stores across Milwaukee County, notably Piggly Wiggly and Festival Foods.

various locations; (800)877-8341

5) Kopp’s

Oh Kopp’s. What more can be said of the ultimate frozen custard spot in Milwaukee? Blue Moon isn’t always a featured item on their menu, but it sometimes makes an appearance in their rotating list of daily flavors and monthly featured shakes, letting you try a custardy twist on the ice cream favorite with whipped cream on top.

7631 W. Layton Ave., Greenfield; (414)282-4312



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