Meet Milwaukee’s Expert of the Month: Robbie Klink

We asked him to share some of his expertise on design and remodeling.

Robbie Klink; Photo by Linda Smallpage, Boutique Photographer


FOR THE PAST 11 YEARS, Robbie Klink has helped homeowners turn their design and remodeling ideas into reality. As an account manager with Zuern, he finds the right products, contractor and style for each project. We asked him to share his expertise here.

What home projects are most popular right now?

The decking world has exploded in the last few years. People are building bigger decks and thinking of them more as an extension of their living space. It’s common for people to build $20,000-$30,000 decks on their house now. Years ago, people used to put that kind of money into their basement, like installing a basement bar, whereas nowadays people want to be outside, to entertain on their decks, to have that gathering space for friends and family that’s not enclosed.

What are the latest trends in deck design?

One of the most popular features this year is a drink rail. It’s a classic handrail but it has a deck board on top for setting drinks, planters, anything like that. It’s about usability – with the drink rail, you don’t have to add a table that takes up space. One of the other big trends is no-maintenance decks. People don’t want to stain decks; they don’t want to have to maintain them. They want something they won’t have to touch that’ll still look pretty for many years. You can find that at Zuern – we’re the premier TimberTech composite decking dealer in southeastern Wisconsin, and have large interactive displays.

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