7 Milwaukee Couples’ Secrets to Marriage Success

To find the recipe for a successful marriage, we turned to some Milwaukee “experts” with a proven track record.

“Marriage is a lifelong commitment and requires an attitude at the deepest level of your heart that the relationship is forever – no matter what. Keep humor at the forefront of your relationship. Be willing to laugh at yourself often. Share the mundane things like housework and meal preparation, and make them fun and enjoyable.”
Sue and Bob Kinosian, married 45 years

Kris and Tassi DeFelice

“You are responsible for your own actions and responses, so stay kind and respectful. Keep growing personally and bring the best you to the relationship. Marriage is not easy, but it’s rewarding. Hang on tight, don’t give up, and enjoy the ride.”
Kris and Tassi DeFelice, married 34 years

“We believe in compassionate understanding. It is not about getting what one wants, it’s about finding a way for two to become one slowly over time – yet at the same time allowing flexibility and understanding of your partner’s desires and path in life. Commitment is our foundation, and our love is built on that – and lots of patience.”
Diane and Mike Dressler, married 45 years

“There are no good days or bad days, just days of grace. Sometimes you have the grace to endure the day, and sometimes you have the grace to enjoy the day. And God gives us grace each day in our relationships, especially our marriages. There is no magic formula, just being willing to adjust.”
Lory and Jon Olla, married 34 years

Beth and Scott Shully

“Our mantra is ‘Let it go.’ If you can’t fix the problem, ask yourself if it’s worth worrying about. Listen and learn from criticism. Sometimes it hurts, but if your partner can’t tell you what’s wrong, who can? Open up – don’t internalize what is bothering you. It always comes out in other ways.”
Beth and Scott Shully, married 33 years

“Make it through the lows so you can experience the highs, because there are lots of both. Don’t think that the bad times are going to last forever. They won’t.”
Sue and Harrison Parker, married 50 years

“Falling in love is magical; loving and creating a life together is so much more. During a rough patch, imagine what life would be like without your spouse. It puts the lows in perspective. Also, respect your spouse. Don’t let disagreements turn into opportunities to belittle. Be willing to compromise; remember you’re not always right, even when you are. Reminisce about the good times; it’s your shared history.”
Barb and Ron Mottl, married 41 years

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