Love Astrology? Here’s How You Should Celebrate Your Birthday in Milwaukee

Ever wonder what a room full of Geminis looks like?

A monthly zodiac-themed party series at the Lost Whale (2151 S. Kinnickinnic Ave.) celebrates astrology. Nina Maybe, the founder of a performance group called Teatro di Affetto, coordinates the events.

Maybe, a Pisces, says the inspiration was a chance to throw a monthly birthday party for her friends across the horoscope. It’s led to an interesting social experiment.

“When I asked what Virgos might like for their party, they wanted their advice to be listened to and things done right the first time,” Maybe laughs. “They did not want a wild, chaotic party.”

By comparison, the Pisces party was wild, Maybe says, adding that Cancers are more likely to attend a dance party than Libras.

The latter were treated to a special Magic 8 Ball cocktail (a mix of Cazadores Reposado, lime oleo, crème de flora, agave and bitters) with a fortune offering life direction rolled up as a garnish – “perfect for the Libra who is sick of making decisions.”

The zodiac party series is meant to be light-hearted fun, but Maybe says that finding the right party theme can be tough.

“If you threw a party for Virgos that was meant for a group of Scorpios, the Virgos would probably all go home. They would go home and put on their pajamas, watch Netflix and go to bed at a reasonable hour.” Typical Virgo move. 

Lost Whale’s party for Capricorns is being celebrated Jan. 10. For more info, click here.

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