Local Latino Leader Darryl Morin Renounces GOP in Scathing Letter

Darryl Morin changes his affiliation from Republican to Independent in a letter saying he no longer believes in the “Party of Trump.”

Darryl Morin, a businessman and suburban Republican who was profiled in the July issue of Milwaukee Magazine as one of a new generation of Latino leaders, announced Wednesday he’s renouncing the Republican Party because “this is now the Party of Trump.”

He made his announcement in a scathing statement posted on Facebook and in e-mails to friends, entitled “A Corruption of Principle, An Absence of Character – Why I am no longer a Republican.”

In an interview Thursday, Morin said “the horrendous spectacle” of the way immigrant children are being treated by Trump’s administration and the way the government has treated the American citizens of Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria is “inexcusable.”

So Morin said he’s renouncing his membership in the Republican Party and changing his affiliation to Independent.

“I will now labor to see that this administration and its supporters are defeated in upcoming election,” he added in his post.

As an American of Hispanic descent, he acknowledged in his announcement that for years he’s faced criticism by many, applause from a few and been held “at arm’s length” by others for being a Republican. He considers himself a fiscal conservative and social progressive.

He said in the statement he’s worked to “keep it the party of Lincoln, the party that championed equal opportunity, human dignity and equality.” 

But he said:  “Sadly, the Republican Party now carries the Trump brand, a brand that has increased the national debt, is working to destabilize NATO, is creating trade wars with all our major trading partners, is empowering white supremacist groups, attacks not defends human dignity of certain populations and is involved in an all-out attack on Hispanic American citizens and non-citizens alike.”

And, he said, the party’s leadership has defended and encouraged Trump’s conduct and remarks.

In leaving the party he joins other high profile Republicans who have recently quit the party, including GOP strategist  Steve Schmidt, who worked for George W. Bush and ran John McCain’s presidential campaign; former Congressman and TV talker Joe Scarborough and conservative columnist George Will.

Morin is running for national president of the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), and the election will take place at the group’s national convention in Phoenix later this month.

Asked if that played any role in his political decision, Morin said it did not. “This was a personal decision,” he said. In talking to others in the Republican Party, Morin said he became convinced that Trump will be the party’s nominee in 2020 and that his current policies will not change or be challenged.

Here’s his message:   A Corruption of Principle (pdf)