Milwaukee Artist You Should Know: Dead Horses

An interview with frontwoman Sarah Vos

Dead Horses released My Mother the Moon earlier this year to praise from Rolling Stone and NPR. Our partner 88Nine Radio Milwaukee spoke with frontwoman Sarah Vos on navigating life after a breakdown, and reassessing her spirituality, both of which play a part in the honest storytelling of American life in the indie folk release. Find an excerpt from that conversation here and the full interview on

Did you have a solo project before Dead Horses?

I did a lot of open mics in high school and I played in an all-girl trio. Just a couple friends: It was drums, bass and I played mostly electric guitar. We would rock out.

You started in Oshkosh. What was it like to transition into the Milwaukee music scene?

I was kind of afraid to come back here. When I left, I dropped out of school and I went through an intense meltdown psychologically, physically. … Part of my breakdown was coming to terms with different aspects of my spirituality. It was really liberating at first to finally admit I don’t actually believe what I was brought up believing. … Becoming an adult is looking at the things you’ve been taught to believe and that you have believed, and values throughout your childhood, and picking and choosing the ones you want to continue into adulthood.

Do you feel like you have a better handle on who you are now?

I think so; I’m still working through and continuing to explore myself and the world around me. I’m trying to learn about other forms of religion and even other ways of looking at the Bible. … Now I look at it as a beautiful thing, and it stands for a lot of what I do believe in. When someone dies, for example, they don’t just disappear. Their energy and the things they did, the people they touched in their life, live on.

This story is from our partner 88Nine Radio Milwaukee.

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