Let’s Talk About ‘And Just Like That…’: Episode 7

Tune in each week for our take on the latest episode of the ‘Sex and the City’ reboot.


Just when many of you have given up on And Just Like That…, HBO Max’s Sex and the City reboot, we’re doubling down on the series. Each week, we’ll bring you a recap and our musings on the antics of Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and the rest.

And who are we, you may ask? We are as follows:

Carole Nicksin (she, her) is just a few years older than the ladies in the series. She lived in New York City for over 30 years, including the era when the original series aired.

Destiny DeVooght (they, them) was hardly old enough to read when Sex and The City wrapped in 2004, but they are no less dedicated to the universe that is home to Carrie Bradshaw and her dreamy rent-controlled apartment.

What Carole and Destiny share is a commitment to Carrie and the crew. We vow to love this show unapologetically, and share our musings every week, until the end.


Carrie has just finished her memoir, “Loved & Lost,” which is just as depressing as it sounds. Her editor urges her to add an epilogue: go on just one date to add the “glimmer of hope” that her readers are looking for – but she can’t help but wonder if it’s all a little too soon.

Meanwhile, Miranda is obsessing about Che and Charlotte is obsessing about being the perfect married couple.

Spoiler Alert: There are many. Now here we go!

Loved & Lost…Their Dinner

CN: Let’s start with the main storyline – Carrie wrote a book! And she found someone who, in the end, she’s willing to have a second date with.

DD: I thought the throwing up was just so funny. Like, in what universe does that happen! I just was cracking up.

CN: I mean, simultaneous vomiting? I don’t think it ever happens. Unless they had massive food poisoning, then maybe.

DD: Instantaneous food poisoning? I literally had to pause, because, for the first time in, like, maybe forever, I was laughing out loud. Then she sees him at the banquet, because of course, and he raises her bid by $50.

CN: He’s a teacher so he doesn’t have a lot of money.

DD: Right! Where did he get the $1,000 to beg her for a second date? So tacky. It’s so wonderful. It just felt very Sex in the City.

CN: Do you think it’s too soon for her to date? What do you think of the guy?

DD: He reminds me of the “good on paper” guys that she never likes, but maybe that will change? Maybe they are transitioning into her diving back into the sex writing that she was doing before?

CN: It’ll be interesting. He seemed acceptable, nothing more, nothing less.

Is Weed the New Cosmo? 

CN: Let’s talk about Che.

DD: Oh, yeah. They’re nonbinary and it’s great. I’m nonbinary, too, and I love that representation. But, I mean, they’re so obsessed with weed, like, with smoking weed in public all the time. Do people even do that?

CN: Yeah. Well, people in New York do that. It is a thing.

DD: And like, I don’t understand: Do they not own a vape? Because it’s an odorless, smokeless way to consume marijuana. And you could do it in public all the time and people won’t even know like, Are they behind? I feel like they’ve been stalled. I mean, smoking out of a pipe.

CN: *cracking up* Do we hope that Miranda leaves Steve?

DD: Oh, that’s so tough for me. I love Steve. I feel so kin with Steve. He’s so stupid. And he just loves so much. I just I find that so endearing.

CN: I’m so curious about your affection for Steve.

DD: Oh, Steve. He’s a golden retriever boyfriend.

CN: But he’s more of a mutt than a golden retriever! Like, okay, get a dog, but get a better dog.

DD: But yeah, I think she needs to leave Steve and spread her wings and explore this. Miranda is having this queer awakening thing where she is secretly thinking she’s gay, I guess? It kind of feels like she’s replacing Samantha’s sort of sexual escapades. They have to have something to talk about at the table, besides a Big’s death, when they’re all out at brunch, right? Right now, her only plot point is that she’s unhappy in her marriage, And she’s adultering with a mysterious non-binary pipe smoker. So yeah, I’d love her to leave Steve. What do you think?

CN: I think she has to leave Steve. I think she never should have married Steve in the first place. Steve is just too dumb.

Finally, A Cast That Reflects The City

CN: Let’s talk about the diversity and representation component of the new series.

DD: Obviously, it was a little stumbling in the first couple of episodes. I mean, that first interaction between Miranda with her professor Nya Wallace? Oh, my God, it was so uncomfortable to watch her stumble through that, but I understand why they had to include something like that. You know what I mean?

CN: I mean, they certainly had to do something. But I think that as the series progresses, having non-white characters and cultural differences that are intertwined into the storyline seems like a better fix than those first few episodes where, you know, all the characters were so clumsy. That’s where that review in the New York Times comes up for me, like, are we supposed to believe that the characters have all been asleep for 18 years, like Rip Van Winkle, and they just woke up?

DD: I imagine the writers were thinking, “we need viewers to know that we know that these things didn’t age well. And we’re going to address some of the new show.”

CN: Sure. Yeah.

DD: I think the new episode is better, it’s like 100 times less cringy.

CN: Basically, ever since Miranda started having sex with Che, things have improved.