style workshop at Kendra Scott led by Jordan Dechambre

Stylist Jordan Dechambre’s Fashion Workshop Helps Even the Ensembly-challenged Find Their Personal Style

Tips from Jordan Dechambre herself, and how to sign up for your own style session.

Before jetting off to Brookfield for one of Jordan Dechambre’s style workshops, I joked to a few people that I might look different when I returned. Turns out this was the first debunked myth: a fashion transformation is not always a quick shift. Nor is it easily noticeable.

I attended Dechambre’s brunch “Style Sessions” workshop in July, which was held at Kendra Scott’s boutique in Brookfield. What I learned from Dechambre, a local personal stylist and wardrobe consultant, is that the process of finding one’s personal style can be a slow transition, requiring careful thought and intention. In fact, it’s not all that different from Marie Kondo’s approach to clearing out clutter.

Have you heard of the capsule collection? Dechambre, with her fun, no-nonsense approach, opened up her two-hour workshop by breaking this concept down, using borrowed items from next-door boutique Twigs. The idea is to curate a small number of items in the same color palette so they can easily mix and match. As a person who travels a lot for work and has found unexpected joy in filling a hotel room’s closet with — gasp! — only ten items of clothing, I was all over this idea. Dechambre suggests selling purged closet items on consignment and using the extra cash to splurge on high-ROI “investment pieces.”

Jordan Dechambre, style workshop, Kendra Scott, Brookfield, Four Corners of Brookfield
photo by Parker Davis

The workshop’s Q&A approach created a close bond among the dozen or so attendees and tailored the class to our needs. I asked about what to do with that pesky belt on my Ralph Lauren trench coat that never fails to make me look, um, fat, and takes a ridiculous amount of time to unbuckle. Dechambre’s suggestion: tie it in the back of the coat, for a tailored and hands-free look.

Included in the style workshop is a five-minute one-on-one with Dechambre to further talk through concerns, as well as a one-on-one with her partner (in both business and romance) Parker Davis, a hairstylist at Scottfree Salon who has worked New York Fashion Week. Davis’s philosophy, I learned, is to focus on the cut and not on the products — just as low-maintenance as the capsule collection.

Jordan Dechambre will hold her next brunch-style workshop ($100) on Sunday, Aug. 12, from 9 to 11 a.m. at Kendra Scott.



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