Wisconsin State Fair 2017

Humans of the Wisconsin State Fair 2017

Over the course of the 2017 Wisconsin State Fair, nearly one million people will pass through the gates to devour delicious fair food, pet the animals and enjoy some live entertainment.

Each fair-goer has a story.


HUMANS OF THE STATE FAIR: Meet Jordan and Emily, both from Milwaukee. This was Emily’s first time at the @wistatefair, though she had some sage advice to future fair-goers: “There is a lot going on—a lot of great food,” she said. “You kinda need to narrow down what you want to eat and have an idea, because there are so many options,” she said. Jordan says he’s here for anything deep-fried, joking that his “cheat day” is lasting two weeks. When he introduced Emily to the famous State Fair cream puffs, she was excited to try them, but… “It’s really hard to figure out how to eat it!” she said. “But you eventually figure it out.” . . . #humansofstatefair #wisconsinstatefair #wistatefair #wisconsin #milwaukee #mke photo by Meghan Quadracci

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HUMANS OF THE STATE FAIR: Strolling through the Grand Champion Hall at @wistatefair to see all the winners, you might also find Sherien near the Cacti and Succulents. A seasoned State Fair veteran, Sherien has been coming back for 35 years. While he can give you a full lesson on cacti and succulents, Sherien insists that he’s not a Horticulturalist. “This is my hobby. By trade, I’m a gear machinist, my parents and grandparents were farmers to they were people who liked plants, so I became one too.” These warm weather plants are stand-out items found in the Grand Champion Hall. Sherien adds, “Christopher Columbus was the first cactus collector… on the way back to Spain he threw all the tobacco over board but kept the cactus, what a mistake that was.” . . . #humansofstatefair #wisconsinstatefair #wistatefair #wisconsin #milwaukee #mke Photo by Maria Christianson

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HUMANS OF THE STATE FAIR: We met Savannah in the cattle barn where she was hanging out with her two cows, Jazzy and Yoggie. She has been showing cows since third grade, but this is only her fifth year at the @wistatefair. She loves showing and we asked her how the State Fair compares to other venues she’s shown at. “It’s a lot higher scale. You have a lot more at risk and you can win a lot more. Bigger competition too.” We then asked her what each of her cows are being shown for. “Jazzy (the black cow) gets shown for how she’s going to be as a cow. For example, when she has a baby, like she did this past year.” . . . #humansofstatefair #wisconsinstatefair #wistatefair #wisconsin #milwaukee #mke Photo by Maria Christianson

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Megan Otto is a digital and editorial intern at Milwaukee Magazine. She currently attends the University of Wisconsin-Madison and has previously interned in London.