How Are You Coping? 88Nine’s Tarik Moody

DJing, gaming and cooking are helping Tarik Moody stay sane.

For‘s series, How Are You Coping, photographer Alexis Gleason is creating portraits via Facetime. “I started this project as a way to connect with people. In the process, I’ve seen that these sessions are giving people a reason to get dolled up for a special occasion—even if its just posing in their living room.”

TARIK MOODY, on-air personality and director of digital strategy and innovation for 88Nine Radio Milwaukee, shares how and what he’s been doing since we started social-distancing measures. 

For’s series, How Are You Coping, photographer Alexis Gleason is creating portraits via Facetime

How are you coping with the pandemic?

Coping has been tough, but there are three things that have helped me. First is DJing. I have my DJ setup right next to my work setup [at home], which makes it easy to play some music. Sometimes I even stream my sets live online. The second is gaming, which is very meditative and relaxing and calms my mind and helps with anxiety and my depression. I gravitate to strategy games because it helps me focus. Finally, there is my cooking. That helps me in many ways. It gets me away from all the technology I’m surrounded by throughout the day and I’m doing something with my hands. I have been tackling difficult dishes like dumplings, which I have more time for now. I’ve been cooking a lot of Korean, Japanese and Chinese dishes and visiting Asian markets when I can, which is also very relaxing.

How has the way we’re all living right now – isolated from each other – affected your relationship with music and what you’re listening to right now? 

For one, it has given me more time to discover new music and artists and spend more time with their art. One of my favorite new albums is Heaven to a Tortured Mind by Yves Tumor and Rose in the Dark by Cleo Sol.

What do you miss doing, seeing or visiting the most that you can’t right now?

I miss connecting and meeting with people and working on projects, ideas and events. Being an introvert, I was never a fan of huge crowds, but I do miss the personal connections.

What positive things do you hope will come out of this time?

I have been amazed on how creative and innovative people have been during these uncertain times and I would like to see that continue. Also, I would like to see more empathy.

What’s the first thing you plan to do when social distancing orders are relaxed? 

Grab dim sum in Chicago’s Chinatown and have some tiki drinks at [the Riverwest bar] Foundation.




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