How 9 Drag Queens Gave This Wauwatosa 6-Year-Old a Perfect Quarantine Birthday

A birthday fit for a Queen.

Not many six-year-olds can say they’ve had a quarantine birthday this fabulous. Little Elise Naumann from Wauwatosa turned six today. While most sixth birthdays entail friends, cake and parties, that wasn’t going to be possible this year due to the quickly spreading pandemic.

But Elise’s undying passion for makeup and all things beauty-queen style gave her mom, Martha Neumann, a spark of creativity.

Martha reached out to a Queen from Madison, Regina Lynn Taylor, about Elise’s upcoming birthday. With Elise’s love for watching the Queens do their makeup, and at many times wishing she could look just like them, a video from them wishing her the happiest birthday would be the recipe for a successful sixth birthday.

Taylor, along with eight other Queens around the nation, created a video with heart-filled birthday messages.”Right now may not seem like the best time to be celebrating your birthday, that doesn’t mean you can’t make it one of the best that you’ll ever remember,” said Taylor.

“Elise was brought to tears instantly and could not believe they knew her name and that it was her birthday,” stated Naumann.

Since she couldn’t spend her special day with friends and family, Elise also made her own makeup tutorial and had loved ones copy her makeup video so she could watch them do their makeup like her.

Looks like this #SaferAtHome birthday will go down in the books as one remember.



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