Sometimes, the best plans for a summer weekend are right under our noses.

Dancing In The Streets
Milwaukee’s eccentric street fests are alter egos to the Big Gig lakefront blowouts.
By The Editors

In Full View
Where to get your art fix while the MAM’s permanent collection is closed for repairs this summer.
By Deb Brehmer

In the Spirits of Summer
By Howie Magner

Never Say Never
How a state forest took root in Milwaukee.
By Matt Hrodey

A Cast of Stars
Two thumbs up for outdoor movies.
By Tom Fuchs

A Foot in Both Camps
This summer, get your camping gear, load the kids in the car and head into the city for these family-friendly adventures.
By Sara Rae Lancaster

Shake It Off
What about a milk shake isn’t wholesome? Not a thing. It’s where ice cream and frozen custard get cozy with a straw. Oh, there’s more to it than that, and to give the shake the glory it deserves, we slurped cross the Milwaukee area in search of great shakes.
By Ann Christenson

The Power of Print
Step back from our digital world and appreciate the centuries-old process still alive in our humble village.
By Claire Hanan

No Apologies
A defense of the Big Gig
By Dan Shafer

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