Here’s What Your Wisconsin Representatives are Saying About Yesterday

A look at how U.S. Representatives in our area responded to the attack on the nation’s Capitol.

Rep. Gwen Moore


Rep. Moore took to twitter like many of the other Wisconsin state representatives condemning President Trump and the “siege” on Capitol Hill.



Rep. Mike Gallagher


Rep. Gallagher posted a video with explosive condemnation of how the public was addressed by the GOP and the president regarding the legitimacy of the election and citing them as “objectors.” Rep. Gallagher called the siege, “absolute banana republic crap.”

“The objectors over the last two days have told me there is no problem with just having a debate. ‘We know we’re not going to succeed, so we are just going to object, we are going to have a debate, we will voice people’s concern and then we won’t actually overturn our entire system of representative government. Nothing bad will happen there will be no cost of this effort.’ This is the cost. Of this effort by congress to overturn the election and telling thousands of people that there is a legitimate shock of overturning the election today. Even though you know that is not true.”

Rep. Scott Fitzgerald


Rep. Fitzgerald condemned the violence inflicted on the capitol in a statement:

“I was in the House Chamber when the Capitol was breached – thankfully, my staff and I are safe and secure. My thanks to law enforcement for their efforts to restore order and I strongly condemn the violence that was inflicted on the men and women of law enforcement doing their duty,” said Fitzgerald. “It is my hope that the House will soon resume debate on the electoral ballots in order to uphold our Constitutional responsibility. We should not be further delayed from addressing this serious issue due to today’s lawless acts.”

Rep. Ron Kind


Rep. Kind posted a photo on twitter referencing the election process and how the lawful attempts at objection have been refuted through a legitimate process before Congress completed the electoral count and later certified the results.

Rep. Bryan Steil


Rep. Steil condemned the siege of the capital calling those involved “criminals,” and referenced the protests throughout 2020 surrounding racial justice. He said protesters must follow the law and thanked law enforcement involved in keeping congress safe. Many officers and service people helped control the events on Capitol hill.

Rep. Mark Pocan


In a tweet Rep. Pocan denied ANTIFA playing a role in the “attack” on Capitol Hill and bashed his colleagues who continued to support the objection to Arizona electoral votes after the “Trump-supported attempted coup” ended.

Rep. Tom Tiffany


A day before Congress was set to certify the electoral votes Rep. Tiffany posted to Facebook his intention to object to the election results. He stated that it was not to overturn the decision of the people, but he would do so in the interest of “irregularities.” In the press release he cited Milwaukee and Dane Counties actively attempted to undermine the election. He stated “illegal ballots” were cast using the means of ballot harvesting and applying the definition of indefinite confinement to those who did not qualify.

In previous elections indefinite confinement was applied to the elderly, sick and those in nursing homes. Ballot harvesting is legal in Wisconsin and the practice of volunteers or poll workers collecting ballots and bringing them to designated counting facilities. Amid a pandemic many subscribed to this service legally, as Wisconsin does not have laws that specify who may return a ballot. Additionally, there has not been evidence of wide-spread voter fraud as the press release suggests.

He later voted to overturn the results after the siege on the Capitol. He did condemn the violence that occurred.

Ballots cast that violate procedures set forth in state statute “may not be included in the certified result of any…

Posted by Representative Tom Tiffany on Tuesday, January 5, 2021

My staff and I are safe. Thank you to all who have reached out. Peaceful protest is a constitutionally guaranteed…

Posted by Representative Tom Tiffany on Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Rep. Glenn Grothman


Rep. Grothman posted to twitter a Journal Sentinel article and condemned the actions of the Trump-supporters who stormed the capitol.