Here’s What You Missed in Wisconsin This Week: July 29

Fried foods, sausages, golf, beagles and also Aaron Rodgers dressing like Nicolas Cage

Aaron Rodgers Paid Homage to the One and Only on the First Day of Training Camp

In 1997, a 33-year-old Oscar-awarding-winning actor, legend and national treasure strutted onto screens across the nation wearing blue jeans, a white tank top, and long, majestic, lion-esque hair down to his shoulders. That man was Nicolas Cage, playing Poe Cameron in the action staple Con Air.

And this week, our beloved Packers quarterback strutted across the Lambeau Field parking lot for the first day of camp dressed exactly like him. Down to the hair and the white tank top tucked neatly into his jeans. I have never been prouder to be a Packers fan. What’s a Super Bowl win, when we have a quarterback who pays such stunning tribute to the greatest thespian of our lifetimes?

The Vanguard’s Serving Up New Sausages

I like my sausages how I like my desk. Covered in bacon, mustard, refried beans and goat cheese. (There was an incident last week involving a blender and a very angry maintenance worker – best not to get into the details.)

Well, The Vanguard’s got me covered. The place to go for weird sausages overflowing with toppings, Vanguard dropped some new styles this week, including the Tugboat, which is a wild boar, bacon, bourbon and white pepper sausage, topped with sweet corn and lentil succotash, St. Germain agrodolce and pine nuts. Gotta love that agrodolce. 

A Culver’s Free Food Truck is Coming to the Deer District

What makes life worth living?

Family? Meh. A higher purpose? Who needs it. Love? What am I, 12, get out of here with that nonsense.

The answer is fried cheese curds and custard. And Culver’s has both. And Culver’s is giving both away for free on Aug. 3 at the Deer District from noon-6 p.m, when they pull up in their new food truck.

If you’re like me, you’ll be there all day shoveling down food until the pain in your stomach overwhelms the pain in your soul.

Franklin’s Getting a Fancy New Golf Facility

Golf is a lot like personal hygiene. I don’t care about it. But the Luxe Golf Bays may win me over when it opens its new three-level open-air driving range in Franklin next month. Not because of the golf, obviously, but because the place will also have beer and two restaurants. The $27 million facility with a 200-person capacity has fancy private suites, where golfers can hit balls at targets across an open field. Kind of reminds me of Uncle Jerry at the last family reunion. Except instead of golf balls it was paintballs. And instead of targets it was my grandparents. 

The Wisconsin Humane Society Saves Beagles

The Wisconsin Humane Society saved 62 beagles this week. That’s almost as many mongooses as I’ve adopted. (They come to me in the night. I think I must emit some sort of mongoose-attracting odor. Not entirely clear, but it seems like they might be worshipping me. Will update you later.) The beagles were taken from a breeding facility in Virginia, which sells dogs to laboratories for experimentation. The Department of Justice sued the facility for allegedly violating the Animal Welfare Act, which led to the transfer of the dogs to Wisconsin. They are now in foster homes and will be adopted when they’re older.




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The Last Ever Taste of Wisconsin Festival

This is a bittersweet Down. It’s positive because the Taste of Wisconsin is a lovely summer food festival in Kenosha, but it stinks because this year (July 28-30) is the last one. The Kiwanis Club, which puts it on, has decided to call it quits, with club members “aging out.” As someone who very much enjoys tasting Wisconsin, I can say that the event will be sorely missed.

What exactly does Wisconsin taste like, you ask? Freedom, that’s what.

300 Wisconsin Deer Have to be Put Down

This month, 300 deer at Maple Hill Farm in Taylor County were found to have chronic wasting disease. The disease is fatal, and the deer are going to be put down, marking the largest depopulation of a deer farm in state history.




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