Get Your Scott Walker Merch Right Here

Lots of people are still trying to make money from Gov. Walker’s now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t presidential campaign. Have you ever seen “entrenched public sector unions” printed on baby clothes?

We offered the governor-turned-presidential-candidate-turned-governor 10 ways to pay off his million dollar (minus some) campaign debt. He’s already selling t-shirts at random sizes packed by random, probably coffee-stained hands. And while we don’t dispute that the shirts could be used by pro-Walker motorcyclists as headwraps, the world of Walker merch is so much broader. As it happens, a slew of companies created Walker paraphernalia during the narrow window through which Walker commanded his brief campaign, and they’re still for sale. Prices range from $16.95 for a baby onesie celebrating how Walker defeated “entrenched public sector unions at the ballot box five times in four years in a blue state” to $67.99 for this photo where the candidate autographed his armpit.

Items featured:

Americans for Walker in 2016 Pet Tag
Scott Walker To-Do List Body Suit
Scott Walker for President Scrapbooking Crafting Stickers
Scott Walker Autographed 8×10 Photograph
Scott Walker 2016 GOP Hopeful Autographed Business Card
Scott Walker Presidential Candidate Cufflinks
Gov. Scott Walker Signed Official MLB Baseball
Scott Walker for President Bumper Sticker
Scott Walker for President Rectangle Bumper Sticker
Decision 2016 #23 Scott Walker Politics Trading Card
Scott Walker for President Pinback Button in Yiddish
2016 Scott Walker Presidential Campaign Placard





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