Annie at the Skylight

From One ‘Annie’ to Another: What It’s Like to Star in Skylight’s Latest Production

The show opens on November 17. So start singing “Tomorrow” today!

Eloise Field and KyLee Hennes will play the role of Annie in rotating casts for Skylight Theatre’s production of the Tony Award-winning musical, opening this week.

KyLee Hennes, center, in rehearsal; photo by Mark Frohna

KyLee and Eloise sat down to chat in a rehearsal room just feet away from a curly-headed dummy doll (whose name, the girls informed me, is “Wacky” – radio personality Bert Healy’s sidekick in the show). Here are their thoughts on working with Skippy and Shiloh, the show’s canine cast members, and why people should come see the heartwarming classic this holiday season.

On Hobbies, and Doggies

KyLee: What do you like to do in your free time – other than acting and singing?

Eloise: Well that narrows it down a lot! I really like to spend quality time with my little cousins who I don’t necessarily get to see that much. I think it’s important to have time with family.

KyLee: I do too. I get to spend a lot of time with my sisters because we’re in a band, the Band Hennes, so practicing together is really a good way to hang out and spend time with family for us.

Eloise: Yeah it’s nice, especially around Christmastime, to just be able to see family more often. So, how do you like working with Skippy?

KyLee: I love getting to work with him! It’s been such a great experience because he’s just so professional to work with, and a really hard worker. He’s just a wonderful, professional actor.

Eloise: Same with Shiloh. He really is a professional too.

Eloise Field
Eloise Field on stage with Shiloh; photo by Mark Frohna

On Wearing Wigs

Eloise: They covered all of our hair in a kind of like plastic wrap, which looked so weird. And then put stuff on it to make a mold of our heads.

On the Play’s Appeal

KyLee: I think people should see the show for the message. Annie just stays so positive and so kind, and that’s a really important thing to remember. What about you?

Eloise: Well the show is so good! It’s a classic. And the last scene takes place on Christmas, so it’s a good way to spread kindness and just joy. I hope the show reminds people that they should be kind and positive no matter what’s going on in the world … If you could be more like Annie in real life how would you want to be more like her?

KyLee: I would want her kindness! I think I’m a lot like her already because she’s so spunky, but she’s also so kind. Everyone could always be a little bit nicer, and more positive. I think she’s a really good role model in that way.

Eloise: I agree … Everyone should be more like Annie. I hope that the show can remind them of that.

Go See It: The show kicks off Nov. 17 and runs through Dec. 27 at the Broadway Theater Center’s Cabot Theater (158 N. Broadway). Tickets and more information are available online or by phone at 414-291-7800.