Faces of Milwaukee 2021 | All-Weather Investing

These individuals represent the best of the best, which is why we deem them the Faces of Milwaukee. Read about them here, then seek out their services.

Michael Sadoff, Ronald Sadoff, Bryan Sadoff; Photo by Linda SmallPage, Boutique Photographer

Sadoff Investment Management LLC

250 W. Coventry Ct., Ste. 109, Glendale, 414-352-8460| info@sadoffinvestments.com | sadoffinvestments.com

Sadoff Investment Management is one of Wisconsin’s oldest and largest independent fee-only investment advisory firms. Founded in 1978, the firm manages over $1.5 billion for clients both locally and nationwide, assisting them through both up and down markets. Downturns are inevitable, so it is important to have a researched and time-tested strategy to identify and respond to these financial storms. Sadoff has no products to sell or commissions to earn, as the firm’s investment managers are fiduciaries for their clients’, acting in their best interests. Protecting your money is as important to them as it is to you. They do not touch their client’s assets, which are held at a discount brokerage firm. A client’s investment objectives can be for long-term growth or a balanced portfolio. Sadoff provides constant communication with clients through a newsletter, online portal and mobile app.  They enjoy helping their clients make wise financial decisions. Their family is indeed looking out for yours!