Downtown Dining Week in Milwaukee runs from June 2 to 9. We’re checking out as many restaurants as we can. Here’s our review of The Brown Bottle.

Nestled off the beaten path between Brewers Hill and Westown in Schlitz Park sits The Brown Bottle, a self-proclaimed “Tavern and Eating Hall” modern pub. This Brown Bottle is still young, having opened in November 2014, but holds a lot of history. It occupies the space that housed the Schlitz Brewing Co. tasting room during the height of popularity of “The beer that made Milwaukee famous.”

And don’t worry, The Brown Bottle has Schlitz back on tap. For two bucks.

I sat outside for my $12.50 Milwaukee Downtown Dining Week lunch whilst being serenaded by the ’90s alternative tunes playing through the restaurant’s speakers and chirping seagulls from the Milwaukee River a couple blocks away. It’s a relaxed feel with a friendly atmosphere thanks to the waitstaff and atmosphere, and I’d feel just as comfortable showing up in a shirt and tie for a business lunch as I would be walking in wearing jeans and a t-shirt for evening drinks at the bar.

I let my inner Cheesehead (and apparent craving for cholesterol) show in my meal choice, going for the beer cheese soup appetizer followed by an entrée of mac & cheese. The Brown Bottle fulfilled this Wisconsinite’s craving by drowning the noodles – replacing macaroni with fusilli dusted with bread crumbs and herbs – in thick molten cheddar. I’d suggest adding the chorizo for $2 more to allay the cheese tsunami.

It’s a tasty and filling meal, a good place to take a half-hour lunch break from the workday or for an inexpensive night out.

As I leave, I notice a sign just off the patio that promises, “We can make it faster than you can drink it.” Might just have to come back and challenge that claim sometime.

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