Trump keeps news media busy; hate in Beloit; and Sykes in the L.A. Times

Got in late today, so these afternoon links replace our usual morning links. Plenty to read today, though:

The New York Times has massive coverage of President Donald Trump’s order stopping travelers from seven largely Muslim countries in the Middle East – including this on his homeland security secretary learning about it belatedly.

And this on the protests nationally, and all the stranded travelers. And this on the legal questions.

Closer to home, the Journal Sentinel reports hate crimes against Jewish and Muslim students at Beloit College.

Monday’s Los Angeles Times has a profile of our own Charlie Sykes.

Also in that paper: a story saying that, according to the Gallup Poll, a majority of Americans polled disapproved of Trump a record eight days into his presidency. The previous record, at least among the preceding five presidents, was 573 days for Bill Clinton.