The Best Things to Do This Week, According to Our Editors: Aug. 23

There’s outdoor trivia, a beer festival and more in this week’s editor picks.

1. Check Out Wisconsin IPA Fest


I’m unable to attend this year’s iteration of Third Space Brewing’s hoppy annual celebration, but I went to the Great Taste of the Midwest last Saturday in Madison and … dang, it felt good to be at a good beer festival again. Exploring the world of beers through tiny pour after tiny pour … there’s just nothing like it, and the unlimited-sampling format comes to the Wisconsin IPA Fest for the first time this year. And that’s pretty hot because there are 50 (!) breweries from around the state coming, and some of them will be pouring multiple IPAs. That’s a lotta hops, y’all! 

The beer garden at Third Space Brewing during the 2018 Wisconsin IPA Fest.

and some of them will be pouring multiple IPAs. That’s a lotta hops, y’all! 

2. Get “The Loser” at Sobelman’s


This weekend we had some lost Wisconsinites – that’s what I call my Wisco friends who moved out of state – in town from Colorado for a Milwaukee wedding. Naturally, we took them to Sobelman’s for bloody marys, which were, of course, delicious. Feeling good about myself, I decided to also order “The Loser” off the menu. It’s a burger that’s served with colby-jack cheese, smoked bacon and buttery fried onions (once featured on “Food Wars”). I’ve been dreaming about that delicious burger ever since. 


3. Grill Something New


This time of year fills me with the most motivating anxiety. The number of summer evenings left ahead is quickly dwindling and I feel an intense fear of squandering even one. To calm that fear, I have been grilling and dining on the patio every night. Last week my husband and I made a trip to Bunzel’s and ogled our many choices at the meat counter. Decision paralysis almost overtook me when I spotted tri-tip and gasped loud enough to make other patrons turn their heads. I am going to assume most of you have never had or prepared tri-tip, but I grew up in its birthplace — Santa Maria, California — and I’m here to spread the gospel of this glorious meat. The tri-tip is a triangular cut of beef from the bottom of the sirloin, grilled whole (like a roast) and then sliced against the grain. It’s easy, fast to grill and melt-in-your-mouth delicious. Serve it with garlic bread, spicy beans, salad and (if you want the full experience) super fresh salsa. Please tag me in your pictures so I can watch the delectable message spread: @che_marie

Photo by Chelsea Mamerow

4. Enjoy Some Trivia at The Landing in Wauwatosa


Last week, I got a call from Jimmy. He says, “Boss, we took care of the thing. Feds ain’t gonna be no problem for you no more.” And I says, “You’re a good one, Jimmy. Tell your mother I says hi. She still make the good braciole?” And Jimmy, he says, “You know it, Mr. Parquette.” And we hangs up, and I’m very relieved. For the first time in weeks, I can leave my house without fear of being persecuted by an unjust federal system. So what do I do? Well, I decide to take up an offer from my buddy Vincenzo to go do trivia. Vincenzo, he never got involved in the life, you know, never had the stomach for it, but he’s a real good guy, takes care of his family, shows respect, all that. So I calls him up and I says, “Vincenzo. I’ll see you at trivia, my friend.” And Big Vinny – that’s what we call Vincenzo, we call him Big Vinny, even thought he’s a little guy, wears glasses – Big Vinny says, “That’s phenomenal. I’ll see you there.” So I meet Vincenzo at Hoyt Park in Wauwatosa, The Landing beer garden, which does Quizmaster trivia every Wednesday night. It’s packed to the gills. Turns out this trivia stuff draws big crowds. Quite the racket. Long lines for drinks and food, but they got this nice touch – you can order on your phone and get a text when it’s ready so you don’t gotta wait like some chump. So anyways, me and Vinny, we sit down and we do trivia. English guy, got the accent and everything, reading off questions. We’re writing out answers on our little sheet. Me, I did a semester and a half of college, so I know some stuff, but they had some real stumpers in this trivia game of theirs. Got me thinking. Fun stuff. Good crowd. Lots of laughs. Me and Vinny, we had a good time. I’d recommend.

The Landing at Hoyt Park; Photo courtesy of Friends of Hoyt Park & Pool

5. Have Dinner at Ca’Lucchenzo


One of my favorite newish spots is Ca’Lucchenzo (6030 W. North Ave., Tosa), a gem that specializes in handmade pasta. Recently when I was there, as I perused the menu, a woman seated nearby said, “Try the focaccia. It is life-changing!” Quite the endorsement. Of course I ordered it. Chewy, light and springy-spongy inside, with a crusty exterior, Ca’Lucchenzo’s focaccia is indeed the bomb, and perhaps even life-changing.

Photo by Lacy Landre