Beer at Brewfinity Brewing

Brewery Spotlight: Brewfinity Brewing Company

Brewfinity Brewing celebrates its one-year anniversary with a party on Saturday afternoon. But the Oconomowoc brewery resides in a space that has been a taproom since 2011.

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Brewfinity Tap Room
Photo courtesy of Brewfinity Brewing Company

Location: N58 W39800 Industrial Rd., Oconomowoc
Founded: March 2018, sort of. That’s when the brewery was rebranded. Co-owner Chad Ostram took over what was Sweet Mullets Brewing in 2016.
Brewers: Chad Ostram and Eric Zunke
Come for the: Jorge Jalapeño Lager
Stay for the: fact that it’s a long way back to Milwaukee from the outskirts of Oconomowoc. It’s best to make the most out of your trip to the friendly taproom.
Critic’s pick: Nut’n But a Good Time Pecan Nut Brown Ale
Where to get the beer: The taproom and a smattering of retail outlets and bars, mainly in the western ‘burbs. Try both Discount Liquor locations (919 N. Barstow St., Waukesha and 5031 W. Oklahoma Ave.).

This Oconomowoc brewery has been around for a while, just not as Brewfinity.

The location opened as Sweet Mullets Brewing in 2011. Longtime homebrewer Chad Ostram purchased the brewery in 2016, Eric Zunke joined on in January 2018, and the name was changed in March 2018.

Ostram and Zunke originally worked information technology jobs together and discovered that they were both avid homebrewers. They even managed to start a homebrew club called Men of Beer. Switching careers seems to have made sense.

More Than a Name Change

The owners of Brewfinity didn’t just change the name. They’ve added three fermenters, a brite tank, a glycol cooling system, a refrigerated beer dispensing trailer, a few TVs and taproom aesthetic elements.

They brew with a 15-barrel system and they’re adding to it to increase production capacity. German styles are favorites of Zunke and Ostram and the beer menu features 16 taps that include Oktoberfest, Got Your Bock Dunkles Bock and Ski Slide Vienna Lager. But there’s also variety from options like 80s Love Child East Coast IPA, Drifter Golden Ale, Snowflake Joe White Stout and the popular Jorge Jalapeño Lager.

“Both of us have this in common: we really like beer,” explained Zunke. “Almost all styles. We tend to do a lot of German-style lagers. While we appreciate some of the real earthy/sour styles, it’s not exactly what we would shoot for. Milder sours like goses or Berliner weisses, however, are really cool. We have started doing some barrel aging, so expect to see some of those coming out soon.”

The Only Brewery in Oconomowoc

Brewfinity has a monopoly in Oconomowoc, but the downside is that it’s nearly 40 miles from downtown Milwaukee. The taproom resides in a nondescript building in an industrial park on the outskirts of town, but the interior is a welcoming surprise. The inviting space features ample wooden tables and a long bar, with plenty of places to sample what Brewfinity has to offer.

“It’s really nice to be able to say we are the number one brewery in all of Oconomowoc,” said Zunke. “However, we struggle a bit to have people find out about us because of our location. We are on the very western edge of Oconomowoc, tucked away in an industrial park, and our signage is limited. However, when people do find us they really seem to enjoy themselves and often come back. There are over 100 people in our mug club, and we are very appreciative of them for their support.”



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