Video Shows Brady Street Fracas After Hit-and-Run

Chaos descends on fair Brady Street when a pickup truck driver rams a minivan.

There’s a lot going on in a video posted yesterday showing a chaotic standoff between a hit-and-run driver, passersby who jump into the fray, and a fallen stop sign re-purposed as a lance. The one-and-a-half minute video (captured from a perch at the Rochambo coffee shop on Brady Street) heats up after a Chevy pickup truck driver collides with a green minivan, backs up and appears to purposefully ram it. The minivan’s driver jumps out of his vehicle and in front of the truck as it tries to speed away, and as he does so, the community responds: At the thirty-second mark, a man can be seen grabbing a drink from a table outside La Masa Empanada Bar, jogging over to the truck’s open window, and dousing the driver. Two different people take up the fallen stop sign, with the second jamming it inside the truck for reasons unknown. Eventually, the driver (who’s transporting a mattress box-spring, among other stuff) escapes down Arlington Place, where someone slaps the back of the pickup in a parting gesture.

Milwaukee Police Department spokesman Timothy Gauerke said officers are investigating the incident, which happened at around 3 p.m. on Wednesday, as a hit and run. “A black pickup truck struck several vehicles and attempted to leave the scene,” he says. “Witnesses on foot attempted to detail the driver by standing in the roadway and blocking the pickup truck’s path.” MPD is seeking both the pickup truck and its driver.

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