These Are the Best (and Worst) Miller Park Giveaways This Season

The Brewers have some very cool ballpark give-aways planned for 2020… and a few that you shouldn’t be afraid to miss.

THE BREWERS HAVE a lot of celebrating planned in honor of their 50th Anniversary this coming season. Central to that, from the perspective of those fans with shelves full of caps, photos and nodders at home is the annual roster of stadium give-away items. Yesterday, the Brewers dropped their 2020 schedule of ballpark freebie items. We here at MilMag are intrigued and have picked out of a few of the promos we can’t wait for… and a few that will likely end up in a yard sale pile.

Get In Line Now!

These are the dates you don’t want to miss




1970s Raglan Shirt

April 10 v Mets

With the classic 3/4 sleeve look, a ‘70s-themed Raglan shirts is an essential item for any fan who wants to embrace the mellow grove of a warm summer afternoon in the County Stadium bleachers, buzzing on High Life and without a care in the world. But you’ll really need to get in line early for this one, as it is limited to the first 10,000 adults through the gate.




Hank Aaron Bobblehead

April 12 v Mets

The capper for the first of five decade-themed weekends, the funky ’70s will wrap up with a bobble that recreates Aaron’s return to Milwaukee in 1975. This is the first time the Brewers have given away an Aaron bobble since 2013 and the first of him as a Brewer since 2011.




Christian Yelich 40/30 Tandem Bobbles

May 10 v Diamondbacks | July 26 v Pirates

Last year’s bobble of Yelich with his MVP trophy was a very hot item and it can still sell in the $40-50 range on eBay. This unique set honoring his 40-homer, 30-stolen base 2019 season will probably be just a rapid of a seller on the secondary market, so be sure to get your’s in person.




Bob Uecker Talking Bobblehead

June 28 v Pirates

A cynic could point out that this follows up on a Uecker talking bottle opener, a Uecker talking alarm clock and a different Uecker talking bobblehead. But anyone cynical about Bob Uecker can stop reading right now. And I don’t mean this article, I mean the written word altogether. You don’t deserve it.

Strictly Goodwill

These are the 2020 give-aways that are best given away.




MLB Network Reusable Tote

June 9 v Padres

A practical item to be sure, but we’ve all got a few cheap cloth bags stuffed in a closet somewhere. Plus, this is an item that isn’t even team-specific, just plastered with the MLB logo. Brings to mind all of the flack Rob Lowe caught for wearing that NFL cap.




Brewers Coupon Book

Various Dates




2000s Theme Night

August 22 v Reds

No word yet on what this Aughts-themed night will involv, but given the subject matter, it will probably be pretty grim. I’m predicting a myspace-themed scoreboard, umpires on Segways, and Eddie Sedar dressed in skinny jeans and chunky sneakers.




2010s Shirt

September 4 v Dodgers

Turning it all the way back to, um, last year with a shirt that bring back the logo that was, uh, just retired a few months ago and had been around for two decades. And the Brewers will be playing the team that handed them their most heartbreaking loss since Game 7 of the 1982 World Series. Fun!