Map of Milwaukee Suburbs

Best of the ‘Burbs 2017: How Does Your Suburb Stack Up

We compared 21 Milwaukee suburbs for walkability, crime, school district and median home sale price. How does yours stack up?

The suburban mayors we spoke to gushed about their respective towns. But some fared better than others on our KPIs. Big winners include West Allis for walkability and Bayside for both crime rate and school district rating (see how we calculated these metrics below). River Hills was at the top of the list for median home sale price, with West Allis bringing up the rear.

Walkability Key

90-100 – Walker’s Paradise. Daily errands do not require a car.
70-89 – Very Walkable. Most errands on two feet.
50-69 – Somewhat Walkable. Some errands on two feet.
25-49 – Car-Dependent. Most errands require a car.
0-24 – Car-Dependent. Almost all errands require a car.

Crime Rate: annual reported incidents per 1,000 residents

Sources: (available only for places over 16,000); 2015-2016 District Report Card Data (WI DPI).


Walkability: n.a.
Crime Rate: 3.6
School District Rating (Fox Point J2): 90.5% (Significantly Exceeds Expectations)
Median Home Sale Price: $326,773


Walkability: 20
Crime Rate: 23.3
School District Rating (Elmbrook): 85.8% (Significantly Exceeds Expectations)
Median Home Sale Price: $319,384

“Brookfield has an excellent public library which is heavily used by our residents, who are committed to lifelong learning. The city has beautiful parks and recreation facilities. Businesses are attracted to Brookfield because of our residents, and most businesses are very successful here.” – Mayor Steven Ponto

Brown Deer

Walkability: n.a.
Crime Rate: 51.3
School District Rating: 75% (Exceeds Expectations)
Median Home Sale Price: $133,265

“We have a slate of community events which are free to residents, such as “Eat and Greet” and Vibes in the Park. We have access to the Milwaukee River for kayaks and canoes. The Oak Leaf Trail runs through our Village and presents opportunities for biking and walking. Our school has a beautiful sports facility and operates in a campus environment.” – Village President Carl Krueger


Walkability: n.a.
Crime Rate: 9.7
School District Rating: 86.8% (Significantly Exceeds Expectations)
Median Home Sale Price: $322,298

“It’s the small-town charm, the great retail shops and restaurants, the cultural events and the incredible level of volunteerism and philanthropy that our residents and business owners exhibit on an almost daily basis.” -Mayor Kip Kinzel


Walkability: 15
Crime Rate: 19.6
School District Rating: 83.4% (Significantly Exceeds Expectations)
Median Home Sale Price: $230,069

“The best aspect of Franklin is the people – people who love living in an area with room to spread out.” – Mayor Steve Olson

Glendale/River Hills

Walkability: n.a.
Crime Rate: Glendale 68.9, River Hills 20.9
School District Rating: 79.1% (Exceeds Expectations)
Median Home Sale Price: Glendale $189,407  River Hills: $648,306


Walkability: n.a.
Crime Rate: 36.1
School District Rating: 85.5% (Significantly Exceeds Expectations)
Median Home Sale Price: $216,690


Walkability: 33
Crime Rate: 31.7
School District Rating: 67.1% (Meets Expectations)
Median Home Sale Price: $165,665

Hales Corners

Walkability: n.a.
Crime Rate: 17.8
School District Rating (Whitnall): 79% (Exceeds Expectations)
Median Home Sale Price: $211,196

Menomonee Falls

Walkability: 23
Crime Rate: 12.3
School District Rating: 78.5% (Exceeds Expectations)
Median Home Sale Price in 2016: $276,891

“Our community is one of the safest in Wisconsin, thanks in large part to an outstanding law enforcement department. We have vibrant, well-maintained neighborhoods, two great school districts and dozens of churches, community groups and recreational organizations. We also have a full spectrum of housing choices and over 1,600 acres of parks, trails and open spaces.” – Village President Joseph Helm


Walkability: 10
Crime Rate: 6.7
School District Rating: 86.5% (Significantly Exceeds Expectations)
Median Home Sale Price: $446,638

“Mequon is the fourth largest city in Wisconsin in land area. It has many wonderful natural features and offers a variety of rural, suburban and urban land uses in an uncrowded and safe environment.” – Mayor Dan Abendroth


Walkability: 14
Crime Rate: 4.9
School District Rating (Muskego-Norway): 83.4% (Significantly Exceeds Expectations)
Median Home Sale Price: $286,526

“The City of Muskego has all the charm of a small community along with a redefined and energized downtown. We enjoy valuable open spaces and are dedicated to preserving our natural beauty. It’s a pleasure to live in and work for such a wonderful community.” – Mayor Kathy Chiaverotti

New Berlin

Walkability: 18
School District Rating: 85.5% (Significantly Exceeds Expectations)
Median Home Sale Price: $255,460

Oak Creek

Walkability: 22
Crime Rate: 9.4
School District Rating: 77.8% (Exceeds Expectations)
Median Home Sale Price: $226,309

City of Pewaukee

Walkability: n.a.
Crime Rate: 19.5
School District Rating: 79.1% (Exceeds Expectations)
Median Home Sale Price: $301,378

“One of the best parts of Pewaukee is our location. We’re just minutes from any attraction the region has to offer, but we also maintain that small-town charm.” – Mayor Steve Bierce


Walkability: n.a.
Crime Rate: 17.2
School District Rating: 82.8% (Exceeds Expectations)
Median Home Sale Price: $359,632

“Our residents are highly engaged in the community, well-educated and supportive of the arts. We have a vibrant and thriving business district with numerous cafes, a number of new restaurants and shops, and the only two-story supermarket in Wisconsin. Our public library is one of the busiest in the region, and it offers outstanding programming that helped Shorewood win an award for Best Intergenerational Community in the U.S.” – Village President Guy Johnson

St. Francis

Walkability: n.a.
Crime Rate: 21.2
School District Rating: 70.4% (Meets Expectations)
Median Home Sale Price: $153,178

“It is small enough to know the borders and know it’s a place that’s your own. St. Francis has all the comforts of small-town living with the big-city frills just a bridge away. (Hoan Bridge, that is!) We are undiscovered by many, but the secret is getting out quick.” – Mayor CoryAnn St. Marie-Carls


Walkability: 34
Crime Rate: 17.3
School District Rating: 71.2% (Meets Expectations)
Median Home Sale Price: $222,625


Walkability: 57
Crime Rate: 35.2
School District Rating: 77.4% (Exceeds Expectations)
Median Home Sale Price: $213,184

“I love that Wauwatosa has that special blend of charming historic places, like The Village, beautiful parks, excellent schools and neighborhoods — and we’re a hot spot for urban living. We’re fast becoming a foodie destination, university suburb and a hub for luxury or boutique shopping and the biotechnology industry. People are passionate about Tosa.” – Mayor Kathy Ehley

West Allis

Walkability: 59
Crime Rate: 43.8
School District Rating: 65.3% (Meets Expectations)
Median Home Sale Price: $127,664

Whitefish Bay

Walkability: n.a.
Crime Rate: 10.8
School District Rating: 89% (Significantly Exceeds Expectations)
Median Home Sale Price: $436,487

“Being a resident here means I feel safe, I feel home, I feel connected to my neighbors and community.” – President Julie Siegel