Bay View’s Mistral Is Now Closed

One of Bay View’s most romantic dinner spots just closed its doors for good.  

Mistral, a fine dining restaurant known for its Mediterranean cuisine and elegant atmosphere, announced it was permanently closing on Wednesday.  

The restaurant opened in 2017 and was located at 2473 S. Kinnickinnic Ave. in the Avalon Theater, a perfect place for a classy dinner, exceptional wine pairings and a movie. Read our full review of the restaurant, here

The owners of Mistral, Jane Schilz and Lee Barczak, also own Avalon Theater, Times Cinema and The Rosebud. On the official Mistral Facebook page they posted “As of today, Mistral is permanently closed. Your patronage was appreciated and we hope you continue to support The Avalon Theater, The Rosebud and Times Cinema.” 

Outstanding Mistral gift cards can be refunded for the cash value amount remaining on the card and can also be exchanged for an Avalon Theater gift card for the remaining amount plus 5% for the inconvenience. The cards can be exchanged at the Avalon theater and can be used for food and drink, but not for movie tickets.