August 2013: Cheap Eats


Cheap Eats
Give it up for these 45 affordable restaurant finds, hand-picked by our hungry, discerning crew of diners.
By Ann Christenson

The Brew Crews
An exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at the MillerCoors partnership and what it’s meant for Milwaukee.
By Rich Rovito

The Rise of Ron Johnson
Wisconsin’s senior senator gave up a successful business career to run for office and reign in federal spending. How’s the numbers game going in Washington? Just check his charts.
By Larry Sandler

Mind the Gap
Is the metro area starved for skilled workers or filled with companies who misunderstand why job seekers are not applying for employment? The debate embroils some of the state’s top experts in business and economics.
By Erik Gunn

Local Anchors
It takes a Wisconsin village (or several of them) to craft some of the world’s most expensive yachts
By Kristine Hansen


Penny for Your Thoughts
A new conservative website is attempting to monetize the right wing. Can it succeed?
By Erik Gunn

Powered by the People
Bike-sharing may have finally come of age in the U.S. Even in Milwaukee.
By Maureen Post

Political Scoop
“Crossing the aisle” sometimes means a tasty treat.
By Jeanette Hurt

Bare Necessities
Swimsuits and accessories that pair well with sun and sand.
By Claire Hanan 

Double Jeopardy
More women faced with breast cancer are making the tough decision to remove both breasts. And a U.S. Supreme Court ruling could accelerate the practice.
By Sara Rae Lancaster


Miss Perceptions
What happens when your debut novel winds up in the “chick-lit” section of the bookstore?
By Andrea Lochen


Sketch Artists
Four comedians and one writer walk into a Riverwest room…
By Howie Magner


The Cat Lady
Kate Funk has created a booming business with her, um, cat. His name is AC. He’s a little grumpy but quite photogenic.
By Abby Callard


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