An Insider’s Guide to Nature Photography

Try these tips to elevate your photos of the natural world to the next level.

SPRING BRINGS new blooms, abundant wildlife and ample photo ops. But what does it take to make your nature shot Instagram worthy? We asked Wisconsin-based photographer and cinematographer Sam Li (@samuelli).

1. Take Every Opportunity

“Go out as much as you can – you never know what you’re going to capture. I’ve gotten amazing stuff where there are rainbows coming out of the perfect spot, or there are swans or an animal that’s really interesting. All these different things I never plan.”  



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2. Be Unique

“Nowadays everyone has a camera, so it’s really a question of how can you stand out? … A big tip is just finding a different way to capture something, whether it be a new angle, a new medium or a new way to edit.” 

3. Learn as Much as You Can

“It can be as simple as learning how to use the manual settings on your camera rather than the auto settings. Being able to customize your shot with just your settings really unlocks a new area for any photographer.” 

4. Study Your Favorites

“Look at another photographer’s photo and ask yourself, ‘Why does this photo look so good?’ A lot of the times it’s because they are using different elements of composition and lighting.”

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