The relatively young streetwear brand has plans to expand.

I discovered Among The Prime, a relatively young Milwaukee streetwear company, on Instagram, where the label has acquired over 18,000 followers. I was late to the party, but it only took a few taps to see why the brand has gained such a following.

What started as an accessories and screen-printed shirt collection worn by area rappers soon morphed into full-blown apparel line, which includes slick, knee-length overcoats, jackets and fitted pants. That change, says 24-year-old founder Oliver Prime, was “our first way of forming our aesthetic.”

“We had complete control of materials, fitting, details, and alternate color choices,” he says. Still consistent is their use of their bold, all-caps logo, which is the only unsubtle embellishment in their otherwise minimal designs. “We believe clothes should evoke reaction,” Prime says.

The company’s outreach to some hip-hop notables ultimately led to a collaboration with rapper IshDARR, for whom they designed a special white version of their signature Vitesse Storm jacket. The rapper, whose album we called one of the best of 2015, even starred in a video showing it off.

The Primary pants ($109.95), which come in three colors, have been especially successful, Prime says. And here’s where I get (personally) excited: Prime, who is one of three of the company’s owners, says they plan to start designing a unisex fit with the current collection, and introduce womenswear in the next collection. “We’ve always had plans to do women’s clothing,” he says. “It was just about doing it at the right time.” They’re not holding themselves to deadlines for this endeavor, “but we want to release them this fall as part of our SIEGE collection,” Prime says. The EVEIL coats ($195.95), which are made with a satin blend, are my favorite for their versatility, streamlined design, and utilitarian features.

As for their overall aesthetic, Prime says, it’s still being defined. “After all, there’s four of us, we each bring something different to the table,” Prime says. “I think we’re constantly challenging ourselves one garment at a time.”