Woodland Pattern's 'Alternating Currents Live' is entering its third decade.

As its habitués know, Woodland Pattern Book Center is not just about the printed word. Twenty years ago, owners Karl Gartung and Anne Kingsbury asked WMSE music host Hal Rammel to curate a concert series that featured his sort of music – improvised music that is, in his words, “off the beaten path, often challenging, and living its tenuous but persistent existence at the fringes of conventional musical tastes, classical or pop.”

Entering its third decade, Alternating Currents Live is one of the most respected venues for the international roster of artists who inhabit those musical fringes. And this month, ACLive features legendary American bassist Barre Phillips, who will play with frequent Swiss collaborators Urs Leimgruber and Jacques Demierre (Nov. 1).

That’s followed by an unusual international quartet composed of bassists Harrison Bankhead and Benjamin Duboc, and drummers Hamid Drake and Ramon Lopez (Nov. 8).

‘Different Wavelengths’ appears in the November 2015 issue of Milwaukee Magazine.

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