9 Last-Minute, Milwaukee-Themed Halloween Costumes

Not ready for this weekend’s festivities? Exercise your civic pride with one of these fits.

1. David Gruber

David Gruber is an iconic Milwaukee character, and luckily his look is simple. It starts with a blazer and a tie. If you have a cropped hair cut, you’re all set. If not, grab a short wig from the costume shop.  All you’ll have to do is show off your pearly whites and go around proclaiming his famous tagline, “One call, that’s all!”

David Gruber; Photo by Sara Stathas

2. Under Construction Sign

One thing you can rely on in Milwaukee is our constant state of construction. Make light of drivers’ frustration with a fun construction road-sign costume. Grab an orange poster board, outline it in black marker and write “road work ahead.” But don’t be alarmed if people “reroute” around you all night. 

3. The Summerfest Smiley

Is there any Milwaukee logo more iconic than the Summerfest smiley? This easy costume can come together in minutes. Start with a white t-shirt. Trace the smiley face on a piece of red paper and glue, pin or otherwise adhere the paper to your shirt. Ta-da! Your costume is all ready to go.

Summerfest logo



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4. Fear the Deer

Do you have friends who haven’t picked a costume?  Grab a bunch of antlers and faux weapons– axes, swords, etc. to become deer that… are feared. Add some deer makeup and fake blood to the costume and find out how many of your friends can figure out the fun word play.  

5. Can of PBR

This is one of these easiest and most recognizable Milwaukee costumes yet. Place a red sash across your white tee shirt. Buy or make a large blue award ribbon and pin it right in the middle of the sash. Even without the words “Pabst Blue Ribbon,” Milwaukeeans should be able to guess your costume right away. 

6. A Bloody Mary 

Who is your favorite Mary? Mary-Kate Olsen? How about Cameron Diaz’s character in Something About Mary? Or Mary Catherine Gallagher from the cult classic Superstar? Pick a Mary to dress as, then douse yourself in faux blood. You can even add a celery stick or straw with some cheese curds and sausages to enhance the word play. Et voilà, you are a bloody Mary!

Photo via Shutterstock

7. The Ghosts of County Stadium

R.I.P County Stadium– an iconic Milwaukee landmark that was demolished to make room for the now-defunct Miller Park. Celebrate the ghosts of Milwaukee’s past with a County Stadium-themed costume! There are two approaches to this idea. If you can find an old Milwaukee Braves shirt, all you’d need to do is add some undead/zombie makeup and you’re all set. Otherwise, you can pop on a baseball cap and some cleats and make a County Stadium headstone to wear like a sandwich board over your shoulders. 

8. The Domes

Any group of three can dress up as Milwaukee’s favorite horticultural conservatory, the Mitchell Park Domes. One friend can be the floral dome, another can be the desert dome, and the last can dress as the tropical dome. Grab some fake florals and greenery from a thrift store to bring this idea to life.

aerial view of the Mitchell Park Domes
Photo courtesy of The Park People of Milwaukee County

9. Black Cat Alley

Create this costume by starting with head-to-toe black clothing. Grab a pair of cat ears, draw on some whiskers and you’re halfway there. Print out some of the amazing murals in Black Cat Alley and stick them up and down your costume. Ta-da! You’re now the east side’s favorite passageway!

Black Cat Alley; Photo by Visit Milwaukee