6 Unique New Year’s Resolutions We Set for Ourselves This Year

Here’s to hoping we can achieve at least a few of these next year


I’m making more time for mindful practices, even just quietly observing nature. Life is so fastpaced. Being quiet is underrated.

– ANN CHRISTENSON, senior editor


For 14 years running, my resolution has been to unearth the Lost City of Osuruk. My failures have left me desolate and shattered. But in the meantime, my resolution for this year is to eat more leafy greens.

– ARCHER PARQUETTE, managing editor


One pull-up, that’s my goal. I’ve never done one – not even as a kid – and I think with some training I could do it. It’s healthy and attainable, which are the two things I look for in a New Year’s resolution.

– ALLISON GARCIA, digital editor


1. Adopt a puppy.

2. Eat more veggies.

3. GO A WHOLE YEAR WITHOUT DAMAGING OR LOSING AN EXPENSIVE iPHONE. Wow, can it be done? Probably not, but check back in 2021.

– LIBBY LANG, editorial designer


Motivated by my love of animals (but tortured by my hankerings for hamburgers and other meaty-meat items), I am going to try once again to eliminate red meat from my diet. Or at least cut back. Wish me luck.

– CAROLE NICKSIN, publisher and editor-in-chief


Let’s not get crazy about cutting back drinking, but I’d like to become a more adventurous imbiber in 2020. Beer styles outside my usual wheelhouse. A cocktail now and then. Maybe even a glass of wine or two?

– CHRIS DROSNER, executive editor