6 Best Milwaukee Dishes to Order When You’re Hungover

Are you feeling the effects of a long night out? Try these local favorites to cure your ills before you start the day.

If you ask a professional’s advice on how to cure a hangover, they’ll probably start by telling you that the best way to cure one is to avoid it in the first place. Which isn’t terrifically useful advice when it’s 10:00 a.m. on Sunday morning and you feel like you’ve got a rotting pumpkin in your belly. The professional’s typical secondary advice – lots and lots of water – is more applicable in such a situation. But what about after you’ve managed to pull your old carcass out of bed and sit upright without vomiting? You’re probably going to be very hungry. Here are some tips on the best local dishes to enjoy while you try to recall the details of the night before.

Biscuits and Gravy, Original Pancake House

The Original Pancake House is an ideal place to slouch and keep a low profile. Their biscuits and gravy is a simple but effective way to right yourself after a night of revelry. It comes with your choice of eggs (for much-needed protein) and a short stack of pancakes (always a good idea for the bleary). For a nice shot of vitamins, try the fresh-squeezed orange juice.
2621 N Downer Ave.

Huevos Divorciados, Café Corazon

A pair of eggs, a mountain of rice and beans and Corazon’s delightful red and green sauces will fill you up and give your senses a nice jolt. This can be ordered with meat or ordered as a vegan dish.
3129 N. Bremen St./ 2394 S. Kinnickinnic Ave.

Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup, Comet Café

If you’re not quite ready to gorge, this classic combo can be the perfect comfort comeback food. It’s almost guaranteed to be better than the soup-and-sandwich that your mom made for you when you were home sick from school, and it will heal you just as well as a mother’s love. This is a particularly attractive option for recovering from cold-weather binges.
1947 N Farwell Ave.

Dirty Fries, Camino

You’re going to want to do a pretty serious carbo-blast to right the ship after a long night out, and the dirty fries at Camino deliver that in a big way. Topped with chili or their excellent beer cheese soup (forgo muddle-headed decision-making by getting both), this is a gooey and filling dish that is sure to both fix you up and bust your calorie count for the day.
434 S. 2nd St.

Rib Dinner, Speed Queen Bar-B-Q

For the meat enthusiast, Speed Queen’s ribs are iconic. And for the badly hungover, they offer essential fats and proteins with plenty of flavor. Pair them with a heaping tub of mac & cheese and you’re all set. It’s a great option for getting something quick and on-the-go and you’ll barely have time to notice the room spinning before your order is ready. But be forewarned, this a cash-only place and they are closed on Sundays.
1130 W. Walnut St.

Pho Tai Chin, Hue

Sometimes you need to attack a hangover with a big, greasy mountain of food and sometimes you need to come at a bit more subtly. The beef pho at Hue is a great choice for the latter. The hot and rich broth can ease you back into the idea of solid foods while the noodles and strips of sirloin lay in flavorful wait. The setting itself is serene and peaceful and will help to soothe you back to full health.
2691 S. Kinnickinnic Ave.; 6519 W. North Ave., Tosa