5 Things to Do in Milwaukee This Weekend That Don’t Involve a Crowd: April 3-5

Cheers to another week of practicing safe social distancing Milwaukee!

1. Organize the Beer Cellar

There’s a fine line between waiting for the right occasion for a special beer and outright hoarding. Most beer doesn’t really get any better, and you’ll still have plenty of great bottles for your next big occasion, whenever that is. So if you’re sitting on dozens of bottles of imperial stout or barleywine, it’s time to impose some order (by style? by age? by brewery?) and get to work on drinking them! A bottle a night sounds about right, doesn’t it?

2. Musical Journeys

Soon after the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra canceled all its performances through the end of April, it debuted a brand-new streaming service called Musical Journeys. Each Friday, the orchestra’s music director, Ken-David Masur, introduces listeners to a different recording from the organization’s archives, spotlighting classical composers, like Joseph Haydn, as well as more modern masters, like Aaron Copland.

3. Play Resident Evil 3

The new remake in the Resident Evil series comes out Friday, and the demo is available for download now. It looks just as good if not better than last year’s phenomenal Resident Evil 2 remake. Nemesis, I am so ready to be brutally murdered one thousand times by you.

4. Watch Tiger King on Netflix

Yes, it’s a collection of trash people doing trash things to other people, with the exploitation of majestic animals in the center of the trash storm. We get why people would turn it off. But, dammit, it’s so weird and so twisty-turny (“Wait, is that woman missing her forearm?” “Wait, WHAT OTHER HUSBAND?”) that we just can’t look away. 

5. Take the Dogs to the County Grounds

The rolling, trail-crossed prairie of this park near the medical center in Wauwatosa is wide-open enough that it’s (so far at least) been easy to maintain social distancing while you and your pooch soak in the nature. (Leashes are encouraged!) And you know you need the fresh air more than they do.