5 Places to Meet Your Match and Why it May or May Not Work

The pros and cons of five common ways to find a soulmate.

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Through A Mutual Friend


If this is a good friend you trust, well then, heck, go for it. It’s like getting a movie recommendation from Martin Scorsese.


Realizing your friend is an idiot who does not know you at all.




At Work


By the time you have a first real date, you’ll already have spent hours and hours of every week together, bonding over your mutual hatred of the busted copy machine. You have a genuine friendship with this person that can gradually become more instead of trying to judge someone based on one dinner. Also, carpooling.


You’re not Jim and Pam. Most relationships cannot sustain spending every waking minute together, and that’s not even considering the inevitable professional conflict and potential company policy violations. It’ll be even worse after you break up.




With an App or Online


Convenience. Everyone on this app is openly single and looking. The field is wide and abundant, limited only by geography. Just find a match, send some messages and maybe make dinner plans.


The truth is in the person behind the screen, and unfortunately that person sometimes sucks. Be ready to brave 10 bad dates for every good one.




At Church


Meeting someone in your church or other comparable intellectual/spiritual meeting place helps ensure that they share your cosmic, metaphysical values, as well as any personal moralities that stem from them.


Have you ever tried hitting on someone at church? Not easy, my friend. Not easy.




At a Bar


Good music at a reasonable volume, quality drinks to smooth over social inhibitions and a relaxing atmosphere primed for the single and searching. All of that can provide just enough cover to save you from the unbearable awkwardness of, “Oh hi, so you, uh, you like, uh, wearing shoes?”


You know how some ideas seem great when it’s 1 a.m. and you’re not quite sober, but then the next morning your entire existence is regret? Yeah, keep that in mind.

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