5 Hidden Horror Movie Gems to Watch This Halloween

Check out these five lesser-known scary flicks– but only if you have a strong stomach.

1. Possum

2018 | 1 HOUR, 25 MINUTES

Aman walks around the countryside with the most horrific puppet you’ve ever seen. Just a photo of this monstrosity is scary enough, much less actually watching what it does in the movie.

2. Bone Tomahawk

2015 | 2 HOURS, 12 MINUTES

The first half is a western. The second is stark, brutal horror. This one hurts because that first part makes you love the characters, and the second … well, it’s pretty rough.



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3. Vivarium

2019 | 1 HOUR, 37 MINUTES

A young couple visits a suburban neighborhood looking to buy a house. Then they can’t get out. The houses are deserted, and the streets just loop back on each other. Things get worse fast.

4. It Follows

2014 | 1 HOUR, 40 MINUTES

Some thing won’t stop following you. No one else can see it. It looks like a person, but it’s not. It just keeps walking slowly, relentlessly your way. You don’t know what happens when it reaches you, but it probably won’t be good. This brilliant, nightmarish premise makes for a great movie.

5. The Witch

2015 | 1 HOUR, 32 MINUTES

With period-perfect 1600s dialogue, this movie captures the paranoia and dread of Puritan New England. Except this time, the witch trials aren’t a moral panic. There’s something in the woods, and it’s hungry. 



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