3 Simple Ways to Make Your Home More Modern

Looking for some simple ways to make your home more modern? Here are three of the latest trends in décor.





Gone are the days when sofas were overstuffed and bookshelves were crammed with tchotchkes. Today’s look, while not quite minimal, definitely leans toward less is more.





Some call it merlot, and some just say “red-y purple,” according to Jessica Forston, owner of Fringe Interior Design. Whatever you call it, it’s starting to appear in everything from upholstery to wall paint. Get the look minus the commitment with a mulberry vase, a piece of art or an area rug.





Throw pillows are giving way to these elegant, cushion-free couches with rolled arms and low backs. Once a millennial trend, these days “everybody wants a tufted-back sofa,” Forston says. “It’s more of a tailored look.” (Check out this tour of an East Side Tudor as a case in point).

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Karisa Langlo is the Digital Editor for Milwaukee Magazine.