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2014 Charitable Events Guide


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2014 Charitable Events Guide
Available to subscribers January 28, 2014

Like your cause, Milwaukee Magazine's Charitable Events Guide
is one of a kind. It's the city's only complete calendar of local
fundraising events appearing both online and in printed form
annually—a keeper that readers will reference all year long.
Showcase your cause, your work and the difference you make
in your community through various advertising opportunities.
To make the guide successful, we also need organizations to
enter their upcoming events every year. Contact us to receive
deadline notifications and additional information. 

To enter your event, please follow these steps:

Click here to go to the Event Submission page. Note:
You must be logged in or create an account to enter an event

2) Select Charitable Events in the Category drop-down box

3) Enter the Event Name and Charity Specific Info, including
Benefitting Organization and Attire

4) Choose your Start and End dates. This will be the same day
for one-day events. If your event dates are tentative, please
select the first of the month the event will take place
(i.e. 6/1/2013 for June 2013) and make a note in "Tell us about it"
 that the dates are TBD. You will have the opportunity to edit your
 event dates online by accessing your Profile (must be logged in)
on the homepage. However, please note that changes after 
November 15 will not appear in print.

5) Select your Location and Venue. If your venue is not listed,
write it in under Building Name

6) Fill in the Address fields 

7) Website URLs should be event-specific if possible, but may
also direct readers to your organization's website if you prefer

8) E-mail addresses will not be published, but will be used
to contact you should we have any questions regarding your
event submission

9) Tell us about your event in 20 to 30 words. Editorial retains
the right to edit event listings as needed for space

10) Write in any specific info regarding time of your event
and how much it costs to participate

Photos should be sent to 
Krista SchmidtAll photo submissions
much be high-resolution images!

Event submission questions can be directed to Meghan Gerosa

2014 Deadlines
Event submission: TBD
Ad space reservation: TBD

Contact Shannon Dailey for advertising opportunities.