Midnight Reruns

You Should Know: Midnight Reruns

Milwaukee’s Midnight Reruns have perfected power-pop with slacker grit and plenty of classic rock riffs in the vein of Thin Lizzy. The lyrics read like an anxiety-riddled 20-something’s inner monologue in perfect detail.

Midnight Reruns just released its third full-length album “Spectator Sports” on March 24. Find the digital album, order the vinyl version from Dusty Medical Records, or order the cassette version from Forged Artifacts.

Singer-guitarist Graham Hunt talked with Radio Milwaukee about playing in bands in high school and the community and identity that music provides.

What are your current musical projects?

Midnight Reruns has a new album. Midwives is putting out a new album, as well. I’m playing bass for Steve Strupp from Sat. Nite Duets who’s making a solo record. Alisa Rodriguez [Apollo Vermouth] and I are working on a Brit-pop thing.

When did you start playing in bands?

Midnight Reruns has been a band for about six years now. Me and Sam have been in bands together since we were 12 years old, we were still teenagers when we started the band. Me, Sam and Peter who used to be in Midnight Reruns were in a band called Sleazy Beats. Sam and I were in a punk band called The Stilettos before that in high school.

Did you play guitar before that?

I started playing bass first. It was less strings and I thought it would be easier. I was jamming with kids from my school, but in middle school it’s hard to find a drummer who is actually good. That didn’t exist in my school.

I went to a basketball tournament by Guitar Center in Brookfield and my dad took me there between games. Sam’s dad was working there and he heard me playing bass and said, “You’re pretty good. My son is about your age and plays drums.” He gave me his number and then my parents were driving me to the north side every weekend for the next eight years.

What’s the first album you bought on your own?

The first one I very distinctly remember buying, was The Replacements. My dad told me he’d seen them back in the day and thought I would like it. I walked to Borders, because it was pretty close to our house. I bought, “Sorry Ma I Forgot to Take Out the Trash” because I thought the cover looked cool.

We had this thing in music class where we had to bring in our favorite song, write a blurb about it and then present it to the class. I played “I Hate Music,” a Replacements song from that CD. Pretty punk.

It’s crazy when you’re a kid and discover something on your own. It means so much to you when it’s your own little world you can retreat to, but it also isolates you, too, because no one else is into it. Everyone else thinks you’re super weird. I definitely had that with music in general in school, that’s why it was cool meeting Sam; someone who was more on my level.

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